Sweet, Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Crafts

On Valentine’s Day, express your love for those around you and have fun! Valentine’s Day crafts for kids are a great way to have fun and celebrate the spirit of the holiday. Here are a few great ideas:

Chocolate Boxes

Chocolates are a traditional expression of love, especially when a man gives them to a woman. A box of chocolates is akin to flowers and jewelry. Of course, a box of chocolates is by no means a gift exclusively for women; anyone who likes chocolate would be happy to receive a box of chocolates.

Supplies Needed

1 Plain white cookie or chocolate box. You can pick these up at just about any craft store, or even Wal-Mart in the craft aisle.

Construction paper in Valentine colors

White school glue or a hot glue gun

Beads, gems, glitter & other decorative items

1 marker

Assorted chocolates

White cookies and chocolate boxes are made of thick cardstock and come flat. You fold them into the box.
Decorate the box as a creative expression of your love for the recipient by cutting out hearts and cupids. Decorate it with lace and glitter. When you are finished decorating it, use a marker to write a note on it then let it dry completely. Once it’s completely dry, fill it with your recipient’s favorite chocolates and deliver.

Kiss Guys and Gals

This is a fun craft, and will have your kids laughing about the double meaning of kissing girls, and kissing guys.

Necessary Supplies

Colored construction paper
Chocolate kisses
Small googley eyes

Glue the googley eyes on to the chocolate kiss, near the bottom. Then cut triangles out of construction paper, twist one into a cone shaped hat and glue it on to the kiss. You can use yarn to add hair under the hat if you wish.

Sweet Jewelry

Jewelry is a standard Valentine’s Day gift but children don’t usually have diamonds and gold in their budgets. So, help them make a delicious necklace.

Supplies Needed

Plastic wrap
Curling ribbon
An assortment of Valentine’s Day candies

Place the candies in the plastic wrap in a long line, the length that you want the necklace to be. Leave some room between each candy then wrap the candies, so they are in a cylinder of plastic wrap. Now, use the curling ribbon to separate each candy, then tie a knot and curl. Tie the ends together to create a loop that can be worn as a necklace.

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