Valentine’s Day Creativity 101: Cool Crafts for Kids

Valentine’s Day is the perfect holiday to create crafts with kids, as it is a holiday where sentiment and personal touch demonstrate love and affection. The following are a few fun Valentine’s Day crafts.

Candy Holder

On Valentine’s Day children typically get Valentine’s cards and candy from family, friends, classmates and teachers. For a special touch, and to enhance your child’s holiday experience even more, help them create a unique card holder or “mailbox” for these cards and candies.


1 Plastic ice cream bucket with lid
1 Scissors
1 Paint brush
1 White school glue
Construction paper
Decorating items: Buttons, gems, lace, pipe cleaners, stickers, paints, beads, etc.

First, cut a hole in the lid large enough for candies and cards to fit through it.

Water down the glue a little so that it is the consistency of paint as you’re going to use this glue to attach the construction paper to the exterior of the ice cream bucket. Paint the glue over the bucket then attach strips of paper to the outside. Let it dry completely, and then apply one more layer. Do the outside of the bucket and the lid, but don’t cover the hole.

To finish and personalize your card holder, apply buttons, lace, gems, stickers or any other decorative pieces you like. Put your name on it somewhere so that everyone knows whose treats to put in it. You can use beads or buttons to spell it out, or just write it using a marker.


What better Valentine’s Day craft than Valentine’s Day cards? You can help your kids create personalized Valentine’s Day cards for everyone on their list. It can fill a whole afternoon with crafting fun.


Lots of construction paper in a variety of patterns and colors along the Valentine’s Day theme
Scissors, straight and decorative edge scissors
Decorating items: Buttons, gems, lace, stickers, paints, beads, a hole puncher or whatever else you like.

Start by folding and cutting a piece of construction paper to create the size of card you want. Then use the other paper and accessories to decorate the front. Use a pen to inscribe your message. A message such as “Be Mine” is traditional for Valentine’s Day, or you can help your child with a more creative message like, “Roses are Red, Violet’s are Blue, I will use this day to say “I love you!”‘ You can also include personal notes. Address and sign them all, then put them in envelopes so that you can give them to family and friends.

You can decorate the envelopes as well. This is a great way to personalize your Valentines and make them a special memento for the recipients.

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