Grassy Valentine

This is a craft you can do with a preschooler, but you will want to start it early, probably at the first of February. It is a longer lasting craft, and makes a great gift for a parent.

What You Need:

Sponge cut into the shape of a heart
Grass Seeds
Plastic Wrap
Paper bowls

Help the kids cut the sponge into a heart, or provide them with a precut sponge. Have them put their sponge into their paper bowl. Then have them moisten the sponge with water, and sprinkle it with grass seed. Then have them cover the top of the bowl with plastic wrap. When the sprouts start to show, you can uncover the bowl, and just be sure to spritz with water regularly. When the grass starts to get long, use scissors to mow it down some, and it will fill in. Within a couple of weeks, you will have a heart shaped piece of grass that your preschooler will be so proud of.

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