Preschool-Aged Valentine’s Day Bulletin Board Ideas

Preschool kids are the best. They are so cute and kind. Those little guys and girls are eager to learn and they don’t have the sass that so many older kids have. They are much easier to talk with than most other people. You can see why people like to teach them. However, this also means that they can be difficult to teach. Young children want to learn but they don’t have very developed minds. They need a lot of basic help to learn. They need lots of visual demonstrations because children learn from visual things. This is especially the case with very small children who don’t know as many words as older children. But how can you teach visually with your classroom? The children will be in the classroom for several hours a day. Their learning environment will mean a great deal to them and will influence the way that they think about school and life. The walls of the school room will be particularly important because the children will be looking at them all day. If the walls are bare then the children will feel that you don’t care about them. They will think that school is a booring and cold place. If the walls are colorful they will think that school is an exciting and warm place. You need to create a warm and welcoming environment for preschoolers. Doing so will help to ensure that they like school for the rest of their lives. One thing that bulletin boards do is to decorate the walls with interesting things. One thing that these kids can learn about at such a young age are holidays. Holidays are very important in the lives of young children. If you can teach the preschool children about holidays through a fun bulletin board you will have achieved something. Here are some ideas for great preschool aged valentine’s day bulletin board ideas:

1. Candy boards. Young children love candy. Preschoolers would love to get some candy at school. They love the shiny look of candy and will be very excited about it. Because you are also teaching children to write and read at this time it will be very helpful. They will read their name on the board next to their favorite candy. This exercise will leave them excited about the holiday and it will help to teach them that valentine’s day is all about giving.

2. Colorful boards. With young children you can only do so much with words. However, colors speak more than words. Try a bulletin board with various shades of red and various shapes. This will create something that will catch their eyes and keep them entertained. Remember that a preschool teacher is part educator and part entertainer. A bright and colorful bulletin board will set the tone for valentine’s day and teach them something about the holiday without words.

3. Game board. There are some games that young children can play and understand. One would be something like pin the tale on the donkey. Make a bulletin board in one part of the room with various games and activities of this sort.

These are just a few ideas for your Valentine’s Day bulletin board for preschoolers. The sky is the limit when it comes to making bulletin boards. There are all sorts of great ideas out there. You just need to be creative and think in the way that a preschooler thinks. Don’t be to complicated. Just think about some basics like candy and bright colors and you will do great.

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