Ideas for Classroom Valentine’s Day Bulletin Boards

Classrooms are always decorated for the many holidays. They are filled with red and green around Christmas and pastel colors around Easter. There are many ways that you can decorate your classroom and more specifically your bulletin board. Let’s take a look at some classroom Valentine’s Day bulletin board ideas.

One idea is to write Happy Valentine’s Day on the top of the board. Inside the letters put little hearts. You can also put hearts on the letters where you might put the dots if you were dotting the letters. Use different colors for the hearts or make them the same color.

If you have a calendar on the bulletin board, decorate it. Decorate the whole month of February. It is fun to have a theme for each month, so make the theme for February love. You don’t just have to celebrate love and how it is so important in the world to love everyone just on Valentine’s Day but you can celebrate the message all month long.

Cut out a bunch of little hearts. Have the children decorate them with their names, things that they love, people they love, sayings, and quotes. You can even have them draw themselves, the things they love, or the people they love. You can have them do many hearts or just a few. If you want you can even do it for a few days and have them write or draw something new each day. To start you can even put up sayings that you would find on the conversation candy hearts.

Write quotes on the bulletin board. Have the students write their own sayings about love and put some famous quotes on the board about love.

If you are teaching about poems and authors that have written books about poems, have your students each write a poem about love. It doesn’t have to be anything huge, just a few lines, but have them write in the different formats and styles. It will be a great way to teach that not all poems rhyme and that they can come up with their own poems.

Be sure to use many of these ideas. You don’t just have to use one, but have a bunch and have fun with them. The best part about making crafts or decorating is that you can make things your own. Have fun and don’t forget to teach the children about love and friendship while you are making your Valentine’s Day decorations.

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