Using Family Photos to Make Fun Valentine’s Cards

Do you want to make your Valentine’s Day cards stand out this year? How about using your own family photos instead of buying a card in the store? Family photos definitely have a personalized touch over a cardstock card with a sentimental note written on it. Here are some fun and easy ways to create unique Valentine’s Day cards:

Go Green

Instead of buying a card, why not recycle some of your old ones? Grab your old cards and toss them into your blender along with ¼ cup water and some rose petals. Blend them all together. You should have a paste substance. Take this out of the blender and line it one a cookie sheet. Allow it to dry until it is crisp. It should hold together. If it doesn’t, paint a thin layer of glue over the top of it. Once it has dried, you can glue your pictures to it along with some cut out’s of hearts and other things. Use some rose petals to glue them onto the card to add a nice smell to the card. It’s a great way to personalize your Valentine’s Day card.


Instead of tossing your old cereal boxes, turn them into some decorative Valentine’s Day cards, Cut out the sides of the box and cover them with a thin fabric like cotton. Glue the fabric down so it won’t move. Once it is covered and it has dried, take a bunch of different family pictures and cut them into hearts. Now, arrange them on the fabric along with some additional things like stickers, ribbon, and foam hearts.

Make a Book

Another great way to make your Valentine’s Day card stand out is to create a book. Instead of just sticking with a single photo, choose a variety of photos that tell a story. If you want to send your photo book to your parents, get some pictures that share your life story with them. Try to find some old family pictures from when you were younger up until your age now. On each page of the photo book, write down a reason why you love and appreciate your parents. This is a great way to show them just how much you truly care about them and to leave them with a memorable Valentine’s Day card.

Hobby Card

Do you have a particular hobby? If you play football or you love a particular sport, make your Valentine’s Day card into the shape of this item and cover it with pictures of your family. For example, let’s say your family loves baseball. Head out to a craft store to purchase a large Styrofoam ball. Now, find a bunch of family pictures where you are attending baseball games or when you are playing baseball. Glue them to the outside of the ball and use some ribbon to write ‘happy valentine’s day’ on the baseball. This is a memorable keepsake and it definitely changes up the traditional Valentine’s Day card.

Digital Card

If your parents have been begging you for some family photos, make them a photo CD. Include a picture of your family on the outside of the CD by using a sticker template. Make sure you write ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ on the outside of the CD or on the case. Try to find some family shots where you were with your parents or the gift recipient in order to build some long-lasting memories with them.

There are a number of different ways you can create some unique Valentine’s Day cards that will be meaningful to your recipients. Spend some time truly thinking about the person and decide on what they will appreciate this year.

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