Shaking Up Traditional Valentine’s Day Cards with Family Photos

Are you tired of sending out the same old boring Valentine’s Day cards year after year? Why not shake it up this year and add some family photos, fabric, and other craft items to your Valentine’s Day cards to make it look nicer. Making your own Valentine’s Day cards are sure to be saved as keepsake items for many years compared to some boring store bought cards.

Head to your box of old pictures and start cutting out people and other things from them. Make a collage with the pictures on the front of a piece of cardboard or cardstock. Arrange them in a manner that looks like the inside pages of a yearbook. Once you have them all arranged on the cardstock, glue them down. Now that you have the cover ready, you are ready to work on the inside of the card. This is where you want to include a few nice thoughts about the person that you are sending the Valentine to. To get really creative, print off a large picture of your family with a tint so you can write over it and use this as the inside of your card. It’s a great way to let the gift recipient know how much you love and care about them.

Here is another Valentine’s Day gift to give to the people you love, make an ornament with a family picture inside. This is a cute way to offer a keepsake instead of just a Valentine’s Day card. The ornament you use should be clear or it should have a light red tint to it. The picture should be a wallet-sized photo in order to properly fit inside the ornament. You also need to pick up some confetti to stuff around the picture. On the opposite side of the picture, include a red heart with the phrase ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ written on it. This is a simple way to show love to the people that you care about. The great part about ornaments is that you can hang them from lights and all over the house; you don’t always have to have a Christmas tree up year-round!

Foam is another useful tool if you want to create a long-lasting Valentine’s Day card. Get a few different colors of foam and cut out hearts and other shapes. Now, you need to get a few family pictures to glue onto the foam. You can glue the foam to make a book or simply a card. You will need to get some clasps in order to hold the sides of the foam together. Foam is a great craft item for younger kids. Make sure each of your children are included in the Valentine’s Day card craft as this will build some fun memories for them.

Do you do an annual family vacation each year with your extended family? Use photos from that vacation to create a fun Valentine’s Day card. You can even make a theme card with the pictures. Let’s say your family enjoys going camping together every year for the 4th of July. Use those pictures to create a fun Valentine’s Day card that is a book. You will need about 8-10 pieces of cardstock paper in order to create the book. Now, cut out different pictures and paste them on the pages. Include a quick note about the picture so the gift recipient will remember the fun they had last summer with you and your family.

Let your imagination run wild when you are crating a Valentine’s Day card. This should be a fun experience for everyone in your family and it should show those people in your life just how much you love them.

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