Beading Hearts

There is no more iconic image for Valentine’s Day than the heart! So this Valentine’s Day why not make crafts that feature hearts and let your special someone know how you really feel about them. These crafts are all easy to do and require only minimal time and crafting skills. Here are some great ideas for Valentine crafts that feature hearts-

· Beading Hearts-This Valentine craft will have you showing your special someone the depth of your affection with a bejeweled charm. You can complete this craft in less than one hour.

What you will need:

20-gauge wire (available at bead stores)

Instructions for the project: Begin by snipping a length of wire (this may be an adult’s job) and bend it into a V shape. String on the beads (you may want to tape the wire’s cut ends first to protect smaller children). Finish by carefully bending the beaded wire into a heart, then twisting the ends together with the pliers.

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