Handprint Tablecloth

This craft can become a cherished family heirloom. Depending on the size of your family you can add to this year after year.

What you will need:

Cotton tablecloth that does not have finish (you can sometimes wash the finish off)
Fabric paints in Valentine colors
Paper plates for holding the paint
Finishing spray (available at craft stores)

Instructions for the project: After your tablecloth has been washed lay out flat on a clean work surface. Pour one color of fabric paint on each paper plate. Have each family member dip their complete hand in the paint and press down firmly on the tablecloth. Be sure that everyone draws their hand straight up to avoid smearing the handprint. After the paint is dry spray each handprint with finishing spray to seal the handprint. For a variation you can have each person write something great about the family around their handprint or have each person sign and date their handprint to keep as a family keepsake.

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