Bee My Valentine Muffin Flower Card

One of the really fun things to do on Valentine’s Day is delivering the cards that tell your true feelings. And it can be even more fun if you have taken the time to make your own homemade Valentines. Rather than using the mass-produced look-like-everyone else’s Valentines this year you or your child can deliver personalized Valentines that you have created. Best of all these cards take few craft supplies or extensive crafting skills. You can have a fun afternoon making Valentines with your child and making great memories at the same time. Here are some great ideas for Valentine crafts that make Valentine cards-

· “Bee My Valentine” Muffin Flower Card-This is a simple and fun craft that even the youngest children can do. It is an innovative way to use cupcake/muffin papers. Keep in mind that the center of the flower can be further decorated with red sequins, small seeds or a photo. You can also glue a small photo into the center of the flower.

What you will need:

A printer (or you can draw your own bumblebee, stem and leaves),
A piece of paper (construction paper or cardstock)
Two muffin cups (the paper cups you make muffins or cupcakes in)
Something the color with (paint, crayons, markers, etc)

Instructions for the project:

Start by coloring the two muffin cups various valentine’s colors (they will be the flower head). Pink, red, white and mauve are all good choices. Keep in mind that this step should be done first especially if you are using paint so it can have a chance to dry while you’re doing the other steps. After painting the muffin cups set aside to dry completely. Either print out or draw and cut out the following pieces-bumblebee, stem and leaves. Cut out the pieces and color if necessary. Fold a piece of construction paper or cardstock in half to make a card. Carefully glue the leaves and the stem onto the front of the card. Glue the two muffin cups onto the top of the stem (placing one on top of the other) to form the flower. Gently flatten out the bottom cup a bit more than the top cup so you can see the petals. You can also use more than two cups if you want, the more cups you use, the more petals your flower will have. Then glue the bumblebee near the flower. Write or print “Bee My Valentine!” on the card. You can also decorate the card further by coloring in grass or you can use balled up pieces of green tissue paper as grass. Be sure to include a special message to your Valentine on the inside of the card.

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