Pop Up Valentine Card

This is a fun way to teach your kids the mechanics of making a pop-up card and it’s a quick and creative way to show off your Valentine sentiments.

What you will need:

Construction paper

Instructions for the project: Cut out or print from your computer (there are several templates available) the following shapes for your card: flower, heart and bow. You can either cut these out of construction paper or use white cardstock and color the pieces using crayons or marker. You can add leaves and a flower center to the flower for added depth. Glue all pieces of the flower together. Write a Valentine message on your heart. Cut two long strips of paper and one short strip. Accordion-fold all of the strips. Glue the end tab of one long strip to flower, the other long strip to heart, and the short strip to bow. Glue the other end of the tab of each strip to the card. You can decorate the inside of your card or write a message to your Valentine inside the card.

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