Blooming Valentines

If you are looking to show a teacher (or another special adult in your child’s life) that they are appreciated at Valentine’s Day try making one of these crafts. These delightful gifts will show the teacher that their efforts are noticed and appreciated. And these crafts are both easy and affordable to make and will allow your child to personalize their feelings for the special teacher. Here are some great ideas for Valentine crafts that make gifts for teachers-

Blooming Valentines-This is a fun craft for kids to make for a favorite teacher or any other important adult in their life. Best of all you can do a bunch of these in under an hour.

What you will need:

Materials for 1
2 round paper doilies or 2 heart-shaped doilies (6-inch doilies work well)
12-inch green pipe cleaner
Tacky glue (optional)
Green card stock
Hole punch
Paper clip

Instructions for the project:

Lay one of the doilies flat on the palm of your hand. Gently press the eraser end of a pencil into its center and gather up the doily into a ruffle. Repeat the entire process with the second doily. Place 1 of the ruffled doily on top of (but not inside of) the other to form the flower and wrap the doilies tightly with one end of a pipe cleaner. If you want a stronger bond, be sure to wrap tightly 1 or 2 times, and then add glue to the doilies and continue to wrap over the glue. Allow the glue to dry completely. Cut out a heart-shaped leaf from green card stock. Use a hole punch to make a hole near the bottom of the heart. Write your Valentine message on the leaf. Carefully slide the pipe cleaner stem through the hole and add a dot of glue where the leaf rests against the stem. You can use a paper clip to hold the leaf in place until the glue dries.

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