Coloring Projects for the Holidays

The holidays are a fun filled wonderful time of year. They are some of the key factors to building good memories for your children. ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and ‘tis the perfect time to get your kids into coloring projects! Although coloring projects are good anytime, the holidays are one of the best times to start your coloring project. They will build great memories for your children while they are young!

Traditions are what build our culture. And in today’s society traditions are sometimes lost in the holiday hustle and bustle. Holidays can be viewed as a shopping season. Some holidays can seem like just a corporate excuse to make lots of money for them, and lots of useless junk for you. But this doesn’t have to be the case. You can teach your kids the true meaning of holidays through holiday coloring books and crafts. There are thousands of coloring books for each holiday. You can get a pilgrim book for Thanksgiving, and teach them the true meaning of the day. You can get them a Rudolph coloring book to teach them the story of Rudolph and how he guided Santa’s sleigh. There are the more obscure holidays that we don’t even think of. You can use coloring books to teach them about Independence Day, and how our country became a free country. You can teach them about good old St. Patrick and our beloved St. Valentine.

Coloring crafts are great ways to celebrate the season. Coloring is cheap, safe, and very clean. They don’t require any special talents, and everyone will have a blast while doing them! Have you been to the store to get holiday decorations, and found yourself buried in outrageous prices? Why not make your own?

Your kids can color a picture, and have their art proudly displayed. You can place their art in windows on the door, or somewhere on your walls. The best thing is, you can save their art for next year! They will gain confidence, knowing that they contributed to the decorating to their home. For example, on Valentine’s Day they can color little hearts, and make the hearts in different colors and hang them using a piece of yarn. At Christmas, they make all sorts of Christmas tree ornaments to hang from the tree, and snow flakes to hang from the ceiling.

If you want to teach your kids about other holidays for other faiths like Chanukah and Kwanzaa, coloring projects can teach them with words and pictures. Also when choosing your project, you should choose colors that match the holiday. If it is Christmas your appropriate colors are, red, and green. If its Independence Day, the colors you would want would be red, white and blue. Use a lot of green at St. Patrick’s Day. You should also be aware of how many coloring books and projects there are out there. You should look through them, and choose only the best coloring projects for your family. Choose projects that will teach morals and values to your children.

There are many wonderful holidays that are a large part of our culture. There are many traditions that we have for holidays. Coloring projects are a memorable and fun tradition, fit for any family. You can use coloring projects for decorations, to teach the true meanings of holidays, and they are just plain fun!

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