Fishy Valentine

This will let your Valentine know they are the most special fish in the sea!

You will need:

•Card stock
•Googly eyes

Time: Project completed in 30 Minutes or less

Step One- Using the colored card stock or heavy construction paper, cut 2 large heart shapes for the fish’s body and 1 small one for the tail.

Step Two-Glue together the 3 hearts to make a fish shape. The fish body is made by gluing the large hearts together at the top of each heart. The tail is fastened on the end with the small part of the heart sticking out.

Step Three-Use a paint pen or marker to write your Valentine message on the back and then add a mouth and a googly eye to the front. Possible messages could include:

•Best fishes this Valentine’s Day!
•You’re my fish in the sea
•You’re oceans of fun!
•May your fishes come true this Valentine’s Day

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