How to Make Homemade Valentines


Perhaps you have been shopping aisle after aisle and store after store and have not yet found that perfect Valentine. You may feel overwhelmed and even confused by what you can and should buy for your Valentine. Maybe you just have not found that Valentine that says what you really feel. Or if you are a parent and your child has requested a special character or theme Valentine that just does not seem to exist you may be looking for an answer. There is a simple solution to this problem-make your own home made Valentines. While you may think that is only an endeavor for the highly crafty you may be surprised to learn that by following a few easy guidelines you can make some unique and beautiful Valentines to give to those who are nearest and dearest to you. Here are some guidelines on how to make home made Valentines.

1.Decide on a theme. Are you going to make romantic Valentines, include photos or will your Valentines be funny or even racy? If you are making children’s Valentines be sure and consult the giver because kids are known for having something specific in mind when it comes to giving Valentines. They may want their Valentines to reflect their interest in a sport, movie or even a television character. Girls may want traditional pink, red and white Valentines while boys may want something a little more masculine. Be sure and get a clear idea of what you are going for and then move on to the next step. If you are having trouble coming up with a theme there are plenty of web sites, craft books and magazines that can be used as references. If you are still stymied for ideas consider a visit to your local craft store where they will have lots of ideas to look at and knowledgeable sales people to help. Be sure to consider not only the ages and skills of any children who will be involved in making them but the ages of the possible recipients as well.

2.Once you have your theme idea make a list of everything you will need. While some craft items do not have substitutes other items can either be double duty or replaced by something you may have around the house. Also consider the materials you will use. This is a great time to recycle materials into your Valentines. Paper that is only used on one side can still be used for Valentines on the unused side. (The used side is glued down or covered in some way.) Old shirts or clothing can be cut up and materials can incorporated into your Valentines using decoupage. Sparkles can be added by cutting up old costume jewelry. This is not only a great cost saving idea but shows your kids that everything has more than one use.

3.Once you have your list made then the fun part of shopping can begin! Don’t limit yourself to just craft stores (though they often have the best selections) feel free to browse discount, dollar or even grocery stores to pick up items to make your Valentines with. You might be pleasantly surprised at where you can get the best deals.

4.Assemble all your materials together in one place. A large table or workspace with enough room for everyone to gather around is the best spot to make Valentines. Having everything together in one place will also prevent having to leave children working unsupervised while you get up to find something. Be sure and plan adequate time for the projects you have chosen to do.

5.Turn on some fun music to help set the mood (non messy snacks at another table are also a fun add on) and get to work! You may have so much fun that making home made Valentines may just become your favorite holiday tradition!

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