Homemade Versus Storebought Valentines


Once again it’s that time of year where the aisle of every store seems to be decorated with pink and white. Hearts, lace and flowers abound everywhere. As you enter what is perhaps the most romantic season of the year you wonder should I take the time to make my own Valentines or will picking up some at the store be enough? In addition to all the cards there is also a plentiful array of Valentine’s themed goodies and gifts to go with them which may lead the Valentine’s shopper to wonder-should everything be homemade for a truly meaningful gift? To help answer those questions here is a breakdown of the advantages and disadvantages of homemade versus store bought Valentines.

Store bought Valentines-

•The number one factor to store bought Valentines is convenience. There is no getting around the fact that with the busy schedules of everyone, being able to pick up Valentines ready to go is a huge plus. In addition, if you choose store bought Valentines there is generally a supply even at the last minute.

•There are Valentines to fit almost every taste and budget. This is especially important if your child is looking for “theme” Valentines for their school friends. Today’s Valentines reflect movie characters, pop stars, sports and almost every other imaginable theme. Generally if you are searching for a certain type of Valentine you can find it. In addition store bought Valentines offer a wide range of items in every budget. Whether you are looking to spend minimal dollars or buy a lavish Valentine you will be able to find it.

•Buying store bought Valentines can be especially helpful for those who do not consider themselves to have any craft ability. Today’s Valentines reflect a level of artistic skill that many people simply do not possess but want their Valentine’s to have.

•Stores are now offering a wide range of gifts and goodies to go with the Valentines cards. Many stores have become known for one stop shopping for Valentines where you can select cards, gifts, flowers and even chocolates to accompany your Valentines card. This makes the entire Valentines shopping extremely efficient in both time and money spent.


•Even with the wide selection of Valentines that many stores have you still may not find the right card or gift to reflect what you really want to say. If you are seeking a special Valentine that is a reflection of what is uniquely your feelings you may want to consider making homemade Valentines. Skip the massed produced Valentines and move onto the next section.

Home made Valentines-

•Your own homemade Valentine can reflect your personal style and message in whatever way you choose. Craft stores carry a wide selection of materials that you can use to design and create your own Valentine whether it is for just one special Valentine or for many.

•Many recipients feel a homemade Valentine “means more” and is much more genuine than simply placing a store bought card into an envelope and delivering it.

•Making your Valentine can give those with any level of craft ability a chance to flex their creative muscles. This is also a fun activity that is easy to do with the children in your life. Often these types of fun hands on activities create lasting and lifetime memories for both adults and children.


•Homemade Valentines are going to take more time to do than simply picking up a package of ready made Valentines from the store. Yet by budgeting your time, this is doable.

•Homemade Valentines can cost more than store bought Valentines. The plus side to this is that many craft items that you will be using are a one time only investment and then they can be used for a long period of time.

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