Stained Glass Valentine

Be advised here that adult supervision is needed to make this Valentine.

You will need:

•Crayons (light and bright colors work best)
•Handheld pencil sharpener
•Waxed paper
•Large paper grocery bags
•Ironing board and iron
•Permanent marker

Time: Project completed in Under 1 Hour

Step One- Have the kids peel the paper off the crayons. Then using a pencil sharpener shave them over a large sheet of waxed paper, spread the shavings thinly and leave a wide blank border around the edges of the paper.

Step Two-Place a flattened paper bag on your ironing board, then carefully set the crayon-covered waxed paper on top of it. Gently cover the shavings with a second piece of waxed paper and then another flattened bag. After the iron has been heated to medium or wool setting, slowly and evenly press the surface of the top bag (an adult’s job). Slowly and carefully continue ironing until the crayon shavings are evenly melted (you can peek under the bag to check).

Step Three-Once the waxed paper is cool, have your child can cut out a bunch of hearts. The larger hearts can then be directly written on for the Valentine and smaller hearts used for decoration.

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