Candy Cane Hearts


This project is a great way to make a spectacular Valentine Day Card and get rid of those post holiday candy canes!

You will need:

•Candy Canes
•Red card stock
•Color-Aid paper (or two sided paper)
•Craft knife
•Non-toxic white glue

Time: Project can be completed in Under 1 Hour

Step One- Turn the red card stock into a card by scoring a crisp center fold: simply place a ruler where the fold will be (making each half 8 by 6 inches) and run the knife along the ruler without cutting through the paper. You can then fold the card in half along the score line.

Step Two-Tear the Color-Aid paper into a rectangle that will fit on the front of the card. A contrasting color will show through along the ripped edges and form a pretty frame. You can then glue this rectangle onto the card.

Step Three-Place two candy canes on the center facing each other to form a heart. Glue in place. Be sure to keep the wrappers on. You can also use mini candy canes.

Step Four-Have the giver then write a message in the center of the candy heart or along the outside. Be sure to sign the inside of the card, too!

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