Valentine’s Day Crafts For Adults To Use As Gifts

On Valentine’s Day you give gifts to those you love, your friends, and anyone you want to share the joy of the holidays with. The following are a few fun craft ideas for adults to use as gifts:

For teachers: The magnet gift.

If you are an adult with a child you know that you need a gift or at least a special card for your kid’s teacher for the holidays. This year for Valentine’s Day you can make a gift that any teacher will truly enjoy, a set of Valentine’s Day themed magnets.

What you need to do is go to a craft store and buy some Valentine’s Day themed paper, some modge podge glue, and some clear glass “marbles”. (These are called marbles, but what they are is about one inch round, cookie shaped, so flat on top, but thick, glass stones that you can see through.) Also buy magnets, cellophane bags, ribbon, heavy card stock, and glue, and a sticky, non-permanent adhesive (like a glue dot).

Then what you are going to do is choose a few of the marbles, lay them on your scrapbook paper, and trace them. Then cut out your trace by cutting just slightly inside the line. Now cover your circle of cut out paper with modge podge and stick to the bottom of your marble. Repeat with different patterns of paper. Let dry.

Once dry you are going to take just a little bit of glue and glue on magnet on the back of the paper side. Once this is dry you are going to choose three magnets, stick some sticky adhesive to the magnet part, put it on a precut piece of Valentine’s Day themed cardstock, and slip inside a cellophane bag, tie with your ribbon, and wha la, a great gift!

For a lover: The puzzle piece picture frame.

Gifts are supposed to be fun items, not things you need, besides, many adults buy things they want and need, and so gift giving can be hard. This year, give your lover a unique fun gift they will love—the puzzle piece picture frame.

What you need to do is go to the store and choose a plain wooden picture frame. Buy some wood glue, buy a puzzle with lots of reds, pinks, and whites in it, and print a great photo of you and your lover.

When you get home open the puzzle and choose lots of pieces that showcase the Valentine colors. Lay them out around your frame. Now, using wood clue, cover the frame with the puzzle pieces. Be sure to take out the glass first so you do not get glue on it. It is okay to overlap, and it makes it fun.

Let dry. Put the glass back in, and the photo. Then give with a card that says, “I was “puzzled” before I met you, but you are my missing “piece” you complete me! I love you!”

For a friend: The Conversation Heart Bag!

Conversation hearts are a fun part of Valentine’s Day, this year put a spin on it by creating a bag that gives your message. This gift is best for women, but can be used for guys too.

You are going to need a sewing machine, some Valentine’s Day themed fabric, and either an iron on message, or an embroidery machine.

Cut out two large hearts, put the patterned side of the fabric together. Sew together leaving the tops open. Sew lace on the top of each side. Turn inside out so you get a finished look.

Take one long strip of fabric about three inches wide. Fold in half so the patterned side is turned in, and sew down the open side, now using a pin to help you, turn it right side out. Then iron. This is your strap. Sew to your bag.

Now, using your iron on message, or your embroidery machine, put the conversation on the heart bag. Now fill with your friend’s favorite treats, or other little gifts like makeup, lotion, pictures, etc. and give!

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