Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For The Romantic

If you are a romantic at heart then Valentine’s Day is probably one of your favorite holidays. It is a time when you can celebrate in romantic style without any worry. You will light those candles, pour the bubbly, and enjoy a romantic evening. Well, why not add romance to the entire day by making some easy Valentine’s crafts that are romantic? The following are a few craft ideas for the romantic on Valentine’s Day:

A heart felt journal: A journal is a romantic gift. It speaks of intrigue, mystery, and love. People pour their hearts out, tell their secrets to, and shoe their real self to their journals. So, for this easy craft you need the following: A spiral bound or perfect bound notepad, construction paper of various sizes, scissors, acid free adhesive, and other embellishments.

What you are going to do is create a personalized cover for a notebook that takes it from a writing pad and turns it into a journal. So start by covering whatever they already have as the cover with a Valentine colored paper. Then decorate this. You can use die-cuts, lettering, stickers, buttons, ribbons, etc. Make it personal, and make it fun. The romantic in you will know it is a place to pour your heart out about those you love. So use hearts, flowers, and more to decorate, and enjoy!

A popsicle stick jewelry box: Any true romantic knows it is the thought that counts. So, jewelry is a real treat when you are romantic, so this Valentine’s Day make something to store it in. You can go to your local craft store and pick up a bag of popsicle sticks, some glue, some embellishments, and some felt to line the inside. Now, use a preformed box size of choice as your model, and build a popsicle stick jewelry box. You can decorate the top with your name, with fake jewels, with ribbon, etc. When it is all put together and dry, line the inside with felt so you have a soft, scratch free surface for your jewelry. This also makes a great Valentine’s Day gift.

The Valentine’s Day flower pot: Any true romantic knows that a dozen roses is sweet and the fragrance divine, but that true romance is giving a living flower. Live flowers in pots can symbolize a living relationship that is growing. So, for a fun craft for the romantic you can crate a Valentine’s Day themed flower pot to house the beautiful potted flowers you are sure to receive on this special day, or to start a flower for someone special. What you need is a premade flower pot of whatever size you feel is most desirable. You will need paint, buttons, and other embellishments. Start by painting the pot a fun Valentine color, like red. Then pain hearts on to it. Use buttons and other embellishments to outline the hearts you paint on, or to decorate in other ways. Use your creativity and have fun. If you want you can create flower pens to fill your Valentine pot until you have a real plant to fill it with.

Flower pens: To make flower pens you will need pens, floral tape, fake fabric flowers, and wire. Put wire in the flower to keep it sturdy, then place the wire along the length of a pen, and wrap around it. Then use floral tape to secure it all in place and make it look pretty.

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