Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For A Valentine Dinner Party

When you celebrate Valentine’s Day you almost inevitably have a fancy dinner. Well, one of the fun things you can do is have a dinner party with other couples where you celebrate your love together, and enjoy good company and good food. When throwing a dinner party you want to have the table and place settings be very festive and fun. The following are a few simple craft ideas to help your Valentine’s dinner party look and feel more festive:

Heart napkin rings: When you have a dinner party it is always a good idea to use linen or cloth napkins. And you can’t set a table with cloth napkins and have it look great without napkin rings. So why not make your own? To make these napkin rings you need bendable wire, or pre-made wooden rings, heart shaped wood cut outs, craft paint, some sand paper, glue, and a fun imagination.

Making homemade napkin rings is easy. You just need to pain the hearts however you feel is best. This could be pink, red, white, or with faces, or whatever you want. You can make them more elaborate if you want as well. Sand them first if they are not already smooth. Once the paint has dried, glue them to the pre-formed rings, or bend the wire to form rings. Then use them and enjoy them! Add some pizzazz with glizzer or other ways of decorating the wooden hearts.

Stenciled linen napkins: You can really spruce up boring napkins for your dinner party by stenciling on Valentine’s themed items. It is fun, simple, and tasteful. So, what do you need? Well, you need napkins, a stencil, a foam brush, a paper plate, and some fabric paint.

What you are going to do is lay your linen napkin out flat, put a dab of paint in your paper plate. Then lay your stencil onto the napkin. Using a foam brush get just a tiny bit of paint on your brush, stipple some of it off so that it is not too thick, as this will cause it to leak through and be problematic. Then carefully hold the edges of the stencil down so it does not move, and stipple paint onto the napkin in the design you want. You can stipple on hearts in different colors, cupids, wine glasses, or whatever makes you think Valentine’s Day.

Name cards: This is a fun and easy craft for a dinner party that is also going to make the dinner party go smoother. You are going to create place cards so that all in attendance know where they are supposed to sit. You can make them as elaborate or as simple as you would like. You need a heavy weight paper like a cardstock, you need embellishments, you need a printer, and you need adhesive, and colored or printed paper with valentine’s theme.

Cut your paper into 4 x 6 inch pieces. Then fold the paper over so each side is 2 inches in height. Now, print out the names of the people in attendance, making sure they are spelled right. Mount them and adhere to your folded pieces. Then decorate so that they look cute.

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