Preschool Coloring Crafts For Valentine’s Day


A great Valentine’s Day activity for a preschooler is a coloring craft. Preschoolers love to color, and they are learning to express their creativity, but do not yet have the skills or maturity to use glue, paint, etc. So, coloring crafts are the way to go. The following are some fun coloring craft ideas for your preschooler:

The Valentine card and envelope: One of the traditions of Valentine’s Day is to give Valentine cards. Usually you just go to the grocery store and buy a box of your child’s favorite animated character cards, stick a candy with them and call it good. Your preschooler loves this because they get their favorite character, so it is a good idea to do this for their little friends. However, you can really make a grandparent or parent smile with a home made Valentine. So, what you can do is make a card, by getting some heavy cardstock and folding it in half. Then make an envelope, or buy one that fits. Help your preschooler come up with something nice to say, and you can write it on the inside. Then let them create the outside of the card and envelope with their coloring skills. They will have a blast coloring, and will love knowing it is for someone special.

The hanging mobile: This is a fun way to help your preschooler decorate for Valentine’ Day. Get a wire hanger, some yarn, and some heart cut outs. Then let your preschooler color the heart cut outs any way they want. Help them make them look very thematic for Valentine’s Day. Then attach the yarn to the hearts, and hang from the hanger at different lengths for a fun decoration.

Finger puppets: This is a really fun Valentine’s Day craft idea of preschoolers. Create some fun Valentine’s Day characters. This can be a heart that is animated, an animated Valentine card, etc. Draw them on paper, then put tabs about three quarters of the way down that can be folded into a ring to go around a finger. Photocopy your drawings onto a cardstock, then let your preschooler color their Valentine puppets. You can then cut them out, and tape or glue the tabs together, then give them back and let them play with their new Valentine finger puppets. If you want to take this a step further you can create a stage for the puppets as well and let the kids put on their very own finger puppet Valentine’s Day play.

Coloring pages: These are an easy way to get your preschool age child crafting and excited about Valentine’s Day. What you are going to do is find some free graphics on your computer of Valentine’s Day themed images. Make sure these images are black and white outlines. Or, create your own by drawing them onto a paper and make photo copies. Sit the kids down with the coloring pages and a box of crayons, and let their imaginations take them away as they color their impression of what Valentine’s Day is about.

Preschool coloring crafts are fun and easy, and can be used to decorate for the holiday, or can be used as gifts for grandparents and loved ones. You can frame these coloring crafts, use them as cards, or many other things. The point is, it does not matter what it is your preschooler will probably love it if it means they get to be involved and they get to color.

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