Crafts For Adults On Valentine’s Day

Let’s face it, Valentine’s Day is for the couples and “wanna be” couples out there. Valentine’s Day is a day is also a holiday where there is a lot of expectation placed on the man to be charming and creative so that he sweeps his woman off her feet. Whether or not you are the one who will be doing the wooing this coming February 14th, it is likely that a few suggestions of fun crafts for adults to do on Valentine’s Day will be helpful to you.

Heart shaped diner for your sweetheart

There is a saying that goes something like this, “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.” I would venture to guess that women enjoy having a meal cooked for them as well. So what better than to turn your meal into a craft, by not only making it delicious and romantic but by doing things to incorporate the Valentine’s Day theme?! Such things could include using red table settings or shaping some of the food that you serve into a heart. IF you want to be a little more playful, use food coloring to give traditional mashed potatoes or whipped cream more of a Valentine’s Day feel.

Valentine’s Day coupons

When a couple gets passed the stage of being able to drop everything to do something romantic (such as after starting a family together) Valentine’s Day crafts tend to become more creative and affordable. But by no means less romantic or less memorable. One suggestion for something that involves very little time and money but a great deal of thought is to issue your sweetheart some Valentine’s Day coupons. Some examples of what these coupons could be good for include a back or foot massage, breakfast in bed, a night where one spouse takes the kids out and the other spouse can enjoy a quiet house, etc. Think of the needs of your spouse and of her/his hobbies and talents. Be thoughtful and think of actions that you really think your partner would enjoy. Go the extra mile by being creative with the coupons themselves. Issue expiration dates far into the future or humorous conditions for coupon use. Make the coupons look real by adding a barcode. Print them as if they were part of a circular and deliver your coupons with the morning newspaper.

Valentine’s Day wishes from parents to children

For adults looking for crafts that can be done for your children, here is a fun idea. Kids love waking up to surprises. This is why Christmas morning holds so much excitement. The morning of or night before Valentine’s Day when your kids are still in bed, decorate their bedroom doors in the Valentine’s Day style. Use construction paper or die-cuts of Valentine themed shapes to decorate the doors. Get small candies that can be taped to each heart or make a small container of treats to hang from their door knob. You could do this activity as a family by decorating the front door of a neighbor and leaving treats. Another suggestion is to have your kids leave their slippers or a clean pair of shoes outside of their door and the parents can fill the shoes with love notes and treats for the kids to enjoy when they wake up. To make this door decorating idea work for the whole family, each member of the family can make a note holder for their door. For a week or so prior to Valentine’s Day, encourage all members of the family to drop nice notes to their family members into these holders. On Valentine’s Day everyone gets to read their notes.

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