Valentine Crafts For Adults To Make For Their Home

Most of the holidays have a lot of hype around them. You have millions of dollars worth of decorations available for purchase, and people go all out. Valentine’s Day is less crazy with the decorations, and there is not as much available. So, instead of stressing about not having enough decorations for your home, make some yourself. The following are some great Valentine’s Day crafts to make for your home:

Heart wreath: This is a great piece because it can be sat on a table with a plant in the center as a center piece, it can be hung on your door, or almost anywhere in your home to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For this craft you simply need enough wood cut hearts to make it as large as you want, sand paper, heavy gauge wire or a round ring of wood, paint, pliers, glue.

What you are going to do is basically thread your heart cut outs onto the wire, twisting it a couple time between each heart to create a stopper, and form a ring. Or you can buy a round cut piece of wood and glue the hearts to it. So, decide what method you want to use. If you are going to use wire, drill holes through the hearts. If not, no worries. So start by sanding them down so they are smooth, paint them, let it dry, and then glue or string them into a wreath. Then hang!

Message blocks: This is a fun Valentine’s Day decoration for your home. What you need is a set of blocks. You will want to have as many blocks as letters you want in your message. If the message is love, you need four blocks or more. The more is because usually people want to have the message and a couple of blocks with hearts, cupids, etc. So, figure out what you want your blocks to say, and whether or not you want any extras. Then, choose paint colors. It is usually a good idea to paint the blocks a color that is lighter, and the letters a darker color. So white blocks with red and pink lettering is a good example. You need sandpaper to smooth the edges down. You need a stencil to stencil your lettering on with.

What you do is sand down the blocks, paint them a solid color, and let them dry. Once dry secure your stencil on, and paint in your letter. Paint a couple of coats so it is thick and readable. This is especially important if you are going to use a stencil that has thin letters. Paint the extra blocks, and enjoy!

Heart wall hang: For this piece of craft décor you will need fabric, a wooden dowel, a piece of yarn or string, some fabric paints, stencils, etc. What you are going to do is cut the heavy fabric into the size you want your wall hang to be. Then cut your dowel to be about three inches longer than the width of the fabric. Iron your fabric so it is flat. Then create a festive wall hang by sewing the top over and inserting the dowel into it, and tying the string to both sides. Then paint hearts, a poem, a love quote, or anything else you think would be festive for the holiday and hang it on your wall. You will probably want to use a stencil if you are using lettering. It is okay to free form paint, but be careful, as fabric is absorbent you do not get second chances.

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