Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For The Elementary Student

When you have a child in elementary school you probably know that Valentine’s Day is all about the crafts. Your child probably will do a Valentine related craft at school, and will most likely want to do one at home as well. The following are some simple valentine’s day crafts for kids in the elementary school age group:

The all too needed and familiar mailbox receiver: At school your child will probably participate in passing out and collecting Valentine’s from everyone in their class. So, they need something to put these in. To make the Mailbox receiver you need either a shoe box or a coffee can, construction paper, glue, and things to decorate with, stickers, markers, etc. If you want the mailbox to be mailbox shaped you will need to use a flexible cardboard instead of the shoe box or coffee can.

Cover the shoe box or coffee can with construction paper that is in the holiday theme. Use the glue to get it to stay really well. Then you will want to put their name on it. You can use glitter glue, cut out letters, or markers to accomplish this. Then decorate with stickers, glitter, buttons, and any other kind of embellishment you want, including candy.

The home made cards: One fun valentine craft most elementary school students appreciate is the home made card craft. Of course you will want to buy a box of Valentines for their school class as home made takes a while. However, Grandma and Grandpa love home made Valentine’s Day cards. What you need is cardstock that is folded like a card. A card envelope. Pre-cut hearts in all the right colors. Glue, markers, stickers, cupid cut outs, etc. If you have an assortment of printed Valentine’s themed papers, some scissors glue and coloring utensils available, your child will be able to create a beautiful home made valentine. If they are not old enough to write in it themselves well, then help them out with the message, otherwise let them have at it. Just make sure all the glue is dry before you insert it in the envelope, otherwise it might be hard to get out.

The Valentine’s piñata: For this craft you need a heart shaped balloon, pink and red tissue paper, newspaper, and glue.

What you are going to do is blow up the balloon and tie a knot in the bottom so it stays blown up. Then take your glue and cover the balloon in glue, and then take the newspaper and cover it with strips of newspaper. Once that is dry, do another layer. Do your best to keep the heart shape. Make a few more layers, and put a hook in on the second or third so that the piñata can be hung. Once it is dry, cut a trap door out of the side so you can fill it with candy, then put the cut out piece back over and tape shut. At this pint it should be full, and it should be enclosed, heart shaped, and ugly. So, take your red and pink tissue paper, and cut strips, then cut little fringe into the strips, and glue to the piñata so it is decorated and cute. Once dry, hang, and let the beating begin! (This project is easy, but can take a few days because you need to make sure every layer is dried completely.)

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