Romantic Valentine’s Day Crafts Men Can Make

As a man, being romantic on Valentine’s Day is expected, but it is not always easy to put together a romantic gift. The following are some romantic Valentine’s Day craft ideas that can be used as gifts, and will make her heart swoon:

A home made Jewelry box: This is a craft that can be relatively simple, or can be extremely difficult. If you choose to make every aspect of it yourself, like you create your own box, cut the wood etc. it will be much harder, and will require specific tools. However, for the average joe who does not use a wood shop regularly, you can make a home made jewelry box by following some simple directions. Start by going to a local craft store and pick up a plain wooden box. They make these in many sizes so find one that would be an appropriate size for the amount of jewelry she has, or for the amount of jewelry you want to put in it. Sand the box down so that it is nice and smooth. Paint it using craft paints. Then embellish it. You can glue fake gems, and make it like a treasure chest, you can modge podge photos of yourself or the two of you one it, you can paint her name on it, or use lettering cutouts and glue her name on it. The options are endless, so get creative. You can line it with felt, and wrap it up and give it to her.

She will find this much more romantic than if you went to the store and bought her a jewelry box, even if it is less than perfect. Most women understand the saying, “It is the thought that counts.” So be thoughtful, invest some of your time into it, and she will surely appreciate it.

This leads to our next romantic Valentine’s Day craft:

Jewelry: You can always go to the store and buy jewelry for her, but for a romantic craft, why not make some for her. You can buy little bangles that are picture frames, and you could put photos of yourself or your children in these. At any craft store you can buy beads, crystals, and all the things you need to make your own jewelry. So pick up a jewelry making book and make her a nice bracelet or earrings, or fly by the seat of your pants. Really, all you need is some wire, crimpers, beads, and a clasp. Attach your clasp with the crimper, bead your item, and then attach the other clasp. Think what her favorite color to wear is, and make something that will go well with that. If she is not a big jewelry wearer, buy a watch face and make her a watch. There are several ways to make a romantic jewelry type craft.

This is going to score you big points, but make sure it is tasteful and something she will actually wear, not something your third grader would make. She is going to be more impressed with home made glass bead earrings then the $100 earrings from your local jeweler because of the thought and effort that went into the gift.

Memory book: This is a totally romantic craft idea that also makes a great gift. What you want to do is start by making a list of your favorite memories with her. Then gather up mementos and items that portray them. These can be photos, ticket stubs, wrist bands, etc. Type up a little blurb about each of your favorite memories, then make a small scrapbook of your favorite memories, and the items that represent them. Put it in a book, and give it to her. She will love this for years to come, and this is just as romantic as dinner in Paris if you put thought into it and take time on it.

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