Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts For The Young At Heart

If you are young at heart you probably make the most of the holidays and celebrate them to the fullest. You likely get dressed up, decorate, and share holiday joy with all around you. For Valentine’s Day there are some fun and easy crafts you can do that embrace your youth and vitality, and add spunk to your day:

Valentine’s hats: There are two quick and easy versions of these Valentine’s Day hats. For the first you need a strip of paper big enough to go all the way around your head, tape, stuff to decorate with, piping, and hearts. What you are going to do is take your piping and attach hearts to the end of it. Then twist them in funky shapes, then attach to the head band. Fit the head band to the shape of your head and tape to size. Then use stickers, markers, die-cuts, and more to decorate and make your hat funky and fun. You can make it really cool and Valentine themed with springs with hearts on the end coming off the brim, glitter, etc.

For the other Valentine’s hat you need two paper grocery bags, paint, and lots of embellishments, like glitter, feathers, ribbons, and more. Take your two paper bags, and put one inside of the other, then roll the edges up to form a hat, if you need it smaller to fit your head, keep rolling. Once the shape is right, paint the hat in reds and pinks, and decorate this big hat with all the accessories and embellishments you want. These hats are really easy and really fun, and you can do a lot with them, so do not be shy. If you mess up, go back to the grocery store and start again.

Holiday pillowcases: This is a festive way to give you sweet holiday dreams. What you need is about a yard of your favorite Valentine’s Day print. You are going to cut out your pillow case by using an existing pillow case as a guide. Sew both sides. Then use a different pattern or a solid color and cut a strip that is the same width, but a shorter length. This is going to be the band for the top of your pillow case. You can go online and get simple pillow case patterns if you need, but they are relatively simple, and require only a few seams. So turn your fabric inside out, sew the sides, then sew a top band on, turn right side out, iron, and enjoy!

Salt dough magnets: This is a fun craft that is super easy and make your fridge or metal door a festive place for hanging Valentine’s Day cards, artwork, and more. What you need to do is whip up a batch of salt dough, which is essentially salt, water, and flour. Make the consistency right, form your hearts with cookie cutters or by hand, and then bake it so it is hard, or let it air dry. Once it is hardened, paint and decorate. You can use craft paints, you can glue buttons on, or use glitter glue, or any number of other things to give it a festive feel. Once all of your decorating and paint is dry, glue a magnet on the back and enjoy. This is very simple, low mess, and lots of fun! Make these for teachers, neighbors, or just for yourself or your kids.

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