With A Touch

With a touch she causes my tender heart to race,

With a touch she drives me to rapture,

With a touch she leads me to a beautiful place,

Where I long to be held tight and captured.

With a glance she tells me she wants me by her side,

With a stare she makes my spirit leap,

With a look she takes me on a wonderful ride,

Where our passion runs wild and deep.

With a smile she tells me she’s happy,

With a smile she makes my heart sing,

With a smile she lets my lonely soul free,

So that love to her life can I bring.

With a word she turns my darkness to light,

With her voice she drives away cares,

With a phrase she makes my world totally right,

As she whispers her love in my ears.

All this she does just by being so near,

With her words, her smiles, her caress,

So I send to her now and need her to hear,

All the heartfelt love I possess.

Timothy Crane

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