Romantic Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a fun day to celebrate love, and to create crafts that showcase romance and feelings. The following are a few romantic Valentine’s Day craft ideas:

Pressed flower journal: Flowers are a traditional Valentine’s Day gift because of the romantic nature of flowers. However, be unique this year in how you use flowers. Instead of buying an expensive bouquet of roses, go to your local craft store and pick up an assortment of pressed dried flowers. Then get a journal, or some great paper. Using modge podge attach the flowers to the pages for a beautiful journal page that inspires romantic thoughts. To attach the pressed flowers do the following. Brush modge podge onto the paper where you want the flower. Set flower down, gently pressing, be careful not to damage the delicate flowers. Then, carefully put modge podge on top of the pressed flowers. Allow it to dry, then put one more coat down.

This is a romantic craft, and it makes a great Valentine’s gift. Why? Because flowers are romantic in an of themselves, and the delicate nature of the pressed dried flowers are incredible. Also, by giving a journal you are essentially expressing to your love that their feelings, thoughts, and life are important, and that they should be recorded somewhere special, somewhere just for them. Of course, if you want to add to the romance, you can create a beautiful cover with their name, picture, or something else. Making a fun cover that tells them you know who they are can add to the romance.

A dinner memory: One of the best ways to make a romantic craft is to think love. What do you love about them? What memories do you love that you shared with them? Think about these things, and create a craft around them. One of the things most people who are together or dating do is eat together. So, for a romantic craft idea, put together a cook book with your favorite meals, include with that your favorite memories when eating those meals. For example, if on your favorite date you ate chicken caccitore, then the first page of your dinner memory book would have the recipe for that, and the other side is a story of why it is included, so you would write out your memory, and include anything that could invoke memories from them. This is a recipe type scrapbook, and your memory is the journaling. So, return to the restaurants, get napkins with logos, get menus, take a photo of the front of the restaurant, etc. And include that on your dinner memory book.

This is a romantic craft because it pulls together great tasting meals, which help set the mood for romance, great memories, which help invoke loving feelings, with the care and thought it takes to put a craft together. Whether you keep this, or give it to the one you love, every time it is opened, the memories of love and romance will flow from the pages.

To make a romantic valentine craft you need a few things:
• A memory
• Some love
• Time

Even something for your home décor can be a romantic craft idea if you include love while making it, base it off a romantic memory, and put time and effort into it. So, get your creative juices flowing, and create a romantic Valentine craft to adorn your home, grace someone as a gift, or just for fun.

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