Tips For Making Unique Valentine’s Day Crafts

Are you tired of seeing the same Valentine’s cards and crafts every year? Do your kids complain that the store-bought Valentine’s that you send with them to hand out to their classmates are un-original? Are you looking for ideas that will help you to make unique Valentine’s Day crafts? If so you are reading the right article. Below are just a few tips for making Unique Valentine’s Day crafts.

Personalized notes

Ok, if you want to be more unique this Valentine’s Day but aren’t quite ready to take on crafts that are on par with Martha Stewart’s abilities, a great place to start is to write something from the heart. Heartfelt notes and letters are always unique. You can use fancy paper and experiment with different writing utensils. For Valentine’s Day the phrase “It’s the thought that counts” really does apply. But that thoughtfulness should also be coupled with effort and time. Thinking about doing something and thinking something through are very different. Personalization can make even the most mundane objects more meaningful if you associate feelings with it that are sentimental for your Valentine.

Use what you have

Making a unique Valentine’s Day craft does not mean that you will need to spend a lot of money buying supplies at the craft store. There are plenty of very unique crafts that you can make with what you already have. You can even use decorations that are usually intended for different holidays. For example, carefully remove any decorations that you may have on a whicker or a white flocked wreath (most embellishments are attached with wire and can be safely removed and stored). Replace the old embellishments with hearts, red berries, cupid cut-outs, love notes, whatever you think is in keeping with the season. You can also apply this principle to a miniature Christmas tree that you can use as a Valentine’s Day center piece after it is re-decorated.

Find new ways to say “I love you”

Valentine’s Day is unlike any other day in that you still love your companion, friends, and family just as much before, after and during the day of February 14th. What makes Valentine’s Day special is that you have an opportunity to express your love in ways that you may not use every day. This adds to the excitement and anticipation of the holiday making it a fun day for all. Find new ways to say “I love you.” One example is to create a puzzle out of a picture that you take of yourself holding a secret message (a banner with a sentimental message, etc.) and then turn that picture into a puzzle. Wal-Mart stores can actually do this professionally for you with a digital print. You are only limited by your imagination.

Be thoughtful

When you simply cannot think of the perfect Valentine’s craft for your sweetheart, stick with what you know. What is your sweetheart’s favorite candy, sport, animal, car, etc? Take what you know about that special someone and make a personalized craft from it. On example is to fill a mug with your recipient’s favorite treats. Stores can also personalize mugs with pictures if you want to add even more of a unique touch to your gift. Gift baskets are also excellent ways to incorporate your recipient’s favorite things into one gift. Additionally, gift bags are a good option because it is hard to loose with a gift bag. Even if your recipient does not like something that you have put in the bag, there are several other things that they may love. You are bound to give them at least one thoughtful item that they will appreciate this Valentine’s Day.

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