Fast, Fun, Preschool Appropriate Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas


For fast fun preschool appropriate craft ideas you need to think of things that do not require glue, cutting, paint, or anything that takes too much assistance. Preschoolers, while somewhat able require a lot of aid when using scissors, glue, and paint, and it can be more chaotic and messy than it is worth. So, the following are a few easy ideas for fast fun Valentine’s Day crafts for preschoolers.

Heart boxes:
This is a really fun craft that most preschoolers will love. What you are going to do is go to your local craft store and buy some chip board heart shaped boxes. Most craft stores will have these around Valentine’s Day, and they are usually a really inexpensive item.

Now, provide your preschoolers with a whole bunch of decorating supplies. This can be stickers, stick on jewels, crayons, washable markers, etc. Help your preschooler create a box to store their Valentine’s Day treats in. If you are feeling daring you can break out the paint and the glue and let them make it more creative, but generally, if you have enough stickers that are heart shaped, you won’t need anything more extravagant.

Candy necklaces:
When adults think of Valentine’s Day they think of romance, but when kids think of Valentine’s Day, especially younger kids, they think of a lesser Halloween, where they get to give and receive candy. So, why not play that up and create a craft that helps them enjoy the sweeter side of Valentine’s Day—a candy necklace?

For this craft you need candies that are red, pink, and white, and that have holes in them so they can be strung, so lifesavers, gummysavers, strawberry-oh’s, etc. If you can’t find enough hole candies, then get soft candies that you can poke holes in with a needle so that they can be strung. Create a fun, edible craft, the kids will have as much fun eating the necklace as they will have making it.

Popsicle stick puppets:
This is a fun way to create something useful and creative for Valentine’s Day. What you want to do is have lots of hearts of different sizes already cut out. Have crayons available, popsicle sticks, and some glue that can be used supervised. What you are going to do is have the preschooler color faces on the puppet. They can have kissy lips, or heart shaped eyes, etc. Then, glue them on to popsicle sticks so that you can help them put on a puppet show about love.

Decorated sock hand puppets:
This is a craft all preschoolers enjoy. Take a sock, and let the preschooler color a face on it, or glue eyes, etc. on it. Then they can put on a Valentine’s Day play. Just make sure that your preschooler has plenty of red markers for drawing hearts on their love sick sock puppet.

Your preschooler is going to enjoy just about any Valentine craft you do, so you can do edible crafts like decorating sugar cookies, complicated crafts like decorating ceramic plates, or something simple and fun like coloring pages. Either way, just make sure there are plenty of hearts, red, pink, and white and lots of Valentine’s Day fun surrounding the activity. Also, usually they get more into the craft if they know it is going to be a gift for someone else. So, help them create items to give to parents, siblings, grandparents, etc.

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