Easy Valentine Crafts For Little Girls

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday for making crafts, and with the pinks, reds, and hearts and what not it is a fun holiday to make fun little crafts for little girls. The following are some easy Valentine’s Day crafts for items for little girls:

Hair bows and clips: This is a great craft that is fast and easy and a lot of fun. It can help add to the festive feeling of the holiday, and can really help your little girl to get in the mood for Valentine’s Day fun. So let your little girl dress up, and put her hair in bows with these fun, fast, and super easy Valentine themed hair bows and clips.

What you need:
Metal clips
A hot glue gun and glue
Valentine ribbon
Heart shaped buttons

What you are going to do is take your hot glue gun and glue ribbon onto the top and over the edge of your metal clip. Then use your ribbon to create a bow of your choice. Glue it together. Then glue the bow to the ribbon covered clip. Once the glue is dry, glue a heart shaped button into the center of the bow.

Now you have cute little bows and clips for your little girl. You can make a whole assortment, and help them look festive for the holiday.

Necklaces and bracelets: For the most part girls love jewelry. So, enjoy Valentine’s Day with your little girl making easy jewelry crafts. Help your little girl look festive, feel festive, and enjoy Valentine’s by making necklaces and bracelets from beads.

What you need:
Beads that are red, pink, and white
Wire or string to bead things onto
Pliers or crimping tools

This is an easy craft. String a crimper and attach your clasp by crimping the crimper closed after stringing the clasp. Then bead your necklace and bracelet. You can choose any number of ways to do this. Use heart beads, round beads, white beads, red beads, pink beads, etc. alternate, do solid colors, or whatever you want to create cute fun pieces of jewelry that will brighten the holiday.

Heart shaped glasses: For a fast and easy holiday craft, this one can’tbebeat. It is fun, festive, and really quick, plus it does not take much work. All it is are cardboard frames and cellophane glasses.

What you need:
Pink or red cellophane
A stencil or a pattern
Something to cut with

You can create your own pattern. What you are going to do is cut out the outline of heart shaped glasses. So the eye portion will be hearts, and the rest is just like glasses. So, using a pattern you create cut out the shape of the glasses from the cardboard. You can then paint them or cover then with paper. Cut out the eye holes into the shape of hearts using a razor cutter. Then put colored cellophane in the space. You can attach with tape or glue. Then let your little princess wear them and enjoy them.

These are just a few of the fun and easy Valentine’s Day crafts you can do to brighten the holiday for your little girl. Of course there are plenty of other things you can do, and you can have her help you if you want. Just have fun, use lots of Valentine’s Day themed items, and enjoy! The more pink, red, heart, and cupid it is, the more fun it will be for the holiday!

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