Crafts You Can Do With Kids On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day means something different to every one. For the single folks it is a day of mourning or a celebration of independence. For couples it is a time to do something sentimental for the love of your life. And for kids, Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday with crafts, notes, treats and time with family. So regardless of how you decide to spend your Valentine’s Day make sure that that the kids in your life have something fun to do. Here are a few suggestions of crafts that you can do with kids on Valentine’s Day.

Make cards

One of the most popular traditional crafts of Valentine’s day is the making of Valentine’s cards and notes. Sure there are those store bought Valentine’s cards that have your favorite super hero or princess on them, but those cards are impersonal and better suited for the classroom or daycare group. For the really special people in your life, you can make a Valentine’s card that is more personal. Use construction paper to cut out any shape that you would like. Simply write on the face of the card and deliver your note to the one you love. If you want a card that opens and closes, fold a piece of paper in half and leave it as a rectangle or cut out the shape you wish with the paper still folded and make sure not to cut off all of the edge with the fold in it. This edge needs to be the place where the sides of the card are held together. You can tape candy to your card, use stickers, glitter, feathers, use your imagination!

Cook and decorate cupcakes

The whole family can have something fun to do together when you cook and decorate cupcakes. Cooking is a wonderful activity for any holiday because there is always something that someone can contribute to matter how small or capable they are. Use a cherry chip flavored batter for the cake and frost the top with pink frosting. Add conversation hearts, sprinkles, or even a small prize to the top of the cupcake. Have the cupcakes for desert or give them to friends and neighbors to show your love for them.

Heart magnet people

There is just something about kids and magnets that always makes for a fun craft. For this craft you will need some thin magnet strips. The magnet strips can be used (like the ones that you get in the mail or on the front of your phonebook for free) or you can go to a craft store and pick up a sheet. Cut two sizes of hearts for each person in the family. One heart should be a little larger than the other. The larger heart will form the body of the person and the smaller heart will form the head. For girls, the heart body will be upside down so that the point of the heart forms the neck of the magnet person and the bottom of the heart looks like a dress. Use thin tape to attach the head to the body and use string with paper hands and feet for the limbs. Tape or glue the parts of the person together on the used or least magnetic side of the magnet. Use the smaller head heart as a stencil and trace out the face of each family member from a picture (make sure that you have your parent’s permission before cutting any pictures). The pictures then get glued on the heart head and your magnet person is complete! To make this craft a little simpler, just follow the steps to make a heart shaped photo magnet and do not worry about forming the rest of the body.

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