A More Creative Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is a fun holiday to celebrate with your loved ones. However, it is sometimes a bit overdone. It can be difficult to choose gifts when you really want to make an impression and do something special. When looking at gifts for Valentine’s Day, consider something creative beyond flowers, chocolates, jewelry, etc. Here are a few ideas:

The gift of you having a great body- A fantastic gift idea for Valentine’s Day is the gift of you looking good. Let’s face it, a shirt, or a little something is all well and good, but a gift like gym passes that can help you and your loved one stay fit and trim is going to go a lot further, and may be a lot more appreciated. Consider purchasing a trial membership for a month, as the gift, and if they actually use it, and find that they are enjoying it, or that you are using it together, then extend your membership to the year or two year commitment that most gyms want. 

Personalized candy dispenser- M&M’s with personal notes on them make a fun, creative Valentine’s Day gift. It is like a traditional gift of chocolates, with a personal and creative touch. If you visit their website, you can order M&M’s with personal sayings, names, or phrases on them. They are not too expensive, and you can even order specific colors, like pink, white, and red to contribute to the Valentine’s Day theme.  You can then put them in a gumball type machine, or other candy dispenser, and wrap a bow around it. It is a fun, creative gift that your loved one will enjoy!

Sports themed chocolate dipped strawberries make a great gift for the man in your life. You can dip chocolates in white, orange, and reddish brown chocolate, and then use piping bags etc. to create the lines of the various sporting equipment and balls. They are tasty, and cute, and will be highly appreciated. If you do not feel talented enough to make your own sport themed chocolate dipped strawberries, order them online. 

Love coupons are another creative Valentine’s Day gift, and make a perfect gift for the budget conscious couple. It is like a coupon book of things that are great for loved ones. It can include things like foot massages, a candle lit dinner, a bubble bath, etc. Get as creative as you want. 

A night or weekend staycation is another creative gift for the budget conscious Valentine’s Day shopper. For this gift you can pick a theme, or a destination, and then make your vacation at home like that. For example, if you choose Cancun, you can eat Mexican food, listen to mariachi music, visit the “beach” or bathtub, snorkel (visit a local pet shop and look at their aquariums of exotic fishes). You can find creative ways to duplicate the experience right at home.

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