Ideas for a Loving Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

Women take Valentine’s Day gifts very seriously. They want to know that you care enough to put some real thought into the gift you choose for them. This can put an awful lot of pressure on him to get the perfect gift, and can lead to disappointment. So, for Valentine’s Day this year, consider the following gift ideas:


Gift One: Jewelry with meaning. A woman is not going to appreciate just any jewelry, it has to have some sort of sentimental value. For example, you could give them a pair of sparkly fake diamond earrings, and tell them they sparkle like the stars did the night you fell in love with them then elaborate on the story. She will love it because it means something. Get rings engraved, women love that! Jewelry is a traditional gift for Valentine’s Day, but it only works if it is expensive, or has meaning.


Gift Two: Spa stuff. Women love to pamper themselves, so spa gifts are always great, as long as you don’t get them something like Botox or Lipo, as they may take it personally or as a message that they are fat, wrinkly, old, etc.  Instead, write her a note about how hard she works, and how much you appreciate everything she does, and so she should spend a day pampering herself, and then include the gift certificate for a massage, pedicure, etc.


Gift Three: Something sentimental. You are sure to have a Valentine’s Day gift success if you get her something with sentimental value. This means things like picture books, scrapbooks, inside joke gifts, and the like will really help to make her feel special. One really fun idea is to write her a story, and include little gifts in it. For example, you could write.

There once was a girl who loved (Insert her favorite food or place to eat).

On this page include a gift card to her favorite food place.

She was a very special girl, who always made me (insert something like laugh, smile, feel happy, etc.)

On this page you could include tickets to a comedy show, or something that goes along with what you said.

She was a beautiful girl, and even when she didn’t have time to get ready, my heart would skip a beat at the sight of her.

On this page include a gift certificate for a beauty treatment-nails, hair, etc.

She has made my life complete, I am so happy I found her because I love her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


This is just a sample of what you could do, the idea is to create something that applies to her, and supplement it with gifts that back up what you said. It makes for a fun date night, and helps her know how much you care.

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