What Flowers Say on Valentine’s Day


Flowers have meaning, and on Valentine’s Day, when you give someone a bunch of flowers, the flowers you choose can convey a message, good or bad. Thus, understanding the meaning of the flowers you choose can help you send the message that you intend to send. The following are some great flowers to send for Valentine’s Day and have be categorized based on their meaning.

Flowers that make wonderful Valentine’s Day gifts for friends and family who you love, but not in a passionate, or sexually intimate way are as follows:

  • Pink Zinnia- They mean lasting affection. These can be great for a spouse, but are also great for daughters who love their parents, etc. They make fantastic flowers for anyone you have affection for.
  • Sunflowers- They represent homage and devotion. These are great for Valentine’s Day for your children, your extended family, etc.
  • Pink or white roses- These mean I love you still and always will. They represent a purity of love, and fun affection. They are great for a spouse that you have been married to for sometime, or a family member you love.
  • Forget me not- These represent faithful love. Again, these are great for family, and friends who you love faithfully.
  • Daisy- These represent loyal love.

When there is someone you want to let know that you love them, the following flowers make great Valentine’s Day choice-

  • Red Chrysanthemum- I love you. Red is a passionate color.
  • Red Tulip- declaration of love. Again, the red shows the love.
  • Pink Gillyflower- bonds of affection, these are great flowers to give someone who you have strong bonds of affection for.
  • Ambrosia- Your love is reciprocated. These are great flowers for someone whom you know loves you.
  • Blue Salvia- “I think of you” This a great flower for the long distant love.
  • Peach roses- Let’s get together. This is a great flower for the person who you want to let know you love them, and that you want them to recognize your love.

When you want to tell someone of your passion and devotion to them, your true love, and need of that person, the following are great flower choices:

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  • Yellow or Orange roses- Passionate thoughts
  • Primrose- I can’t live without you
  • Gioxinia– Love at first sight
  • Aster- Symbol of love
  • White Carnation- Pure love
  • Arbutus- Thee only do I love

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