Exactly What Does That Bouquet of Flowers Say to Your Loved One?

The following are some of the flowers available, and the ones that would make great additions to your Valentine’s Day. Carefully read what they mean, and choose a selection that best expresses your feelings to your sweetie:

Pink Zinnia- lasting affection, this would be a great choice for a spouse to send, to show commitment to the relationship.

Red Tulip– declaration of love, this can be used as a way to let someone know you love them, or simply remind them and everyone else of your love.

Sunflowers– Homage and devotion, this is a great flower to send to a friend, a mentor, or someone else you love, but not necessarily romantically.

Blue Salvia- “I think of you”, this is a great flower to send a long distance love.

Yellow or Orange roses– Passionate thoughts, this is for the significant other, or lover in your life.

Pink or white roses- I love you still and always will, this is a great flower choice for the long established relationship.

Peach roses– Let’s get together, this is great for the couple who has danced around their feelings, but has not yet made a move.

Primrose- I can’t live without you, for your spouse, best friend, lover, etc.

Gioxinia- Love at first sight, great for the person with whom you had an instant affection.

Pink Gillyflower– bonds of affection, perfect for friends.

Gardenia- I love you in secret, for the secret admirer to send.

Forget me not- Faithful love, for the daughter, son, or long together love.

Daisy- Loyal love, great for friends and family.

Red Chrysanthemum- I love you, for anyone you love.

Chrysanthemum– You are a wonderful friend

White Carnation- Pure love, for a spouse.

White Camellia- You’re adorable, for a child, friend, newly formed relationship, etc.

Aster– Symbol of love, anyone you love.

Arbutus– Thee only do I love, for your significant other.

Ambrosia– Your love is reciprocated

Apricot Blossom– Timid love

Acacia- Platonic love or concealed love

The holiday of love, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take time to choose the best flowers, with the most personal and significant meaning, and send them to your loved one. Flowers have meaning. They say different things, and you can communicate the deepness of your commitment, and the level of your love to your sweetheart by taking care to choose the flowers that best send the message of your feelings to them.

Each flower says something unique. Red roses are a traditional Valentine’s Day flower, and are often used on the holiday because they represent true or passionate love. White flowers are also great as they symbolize pure love. When combined, the message is even more powerful.

Take a look at what the various flowers mean. If you are a secret admirer, a great way to send a message of your love is to send Acacia flowers, as they represent a concealed love. However, be careful, as they can also mean platonic love, or in other words, friendship. An apricot blossom might be a better choice for the secret admirer to send, as it expresses feelings of timid love.

The idea is to choose a flower, or a combination of flowers that can you can send to the person you love to express the depth or full meaning of your feelings for them, whether that is friendship, affection, or a deep, burning passion for everything that is them. Flowers make great Valentine’s Day gifts for friends, family, and lovers.

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