More Romantic Ideas for A Special Valentine’s Day with Your Loved One

The following are a few fun ways to spend Valentine’s Day in a romantic way. Just remember that any activity can be romantic if you set the right mood, add some sentimentality, and show love and appreciation to your sweetheart. However, here are some romantic activities to make the day better-


Make your own fairytale- One of the reasons people think movies and stories are romantic is that there is always a couple who find love, and must overcome some obstacles to allow love to blossom. So, why not add this romance in your own life by showing how the two of you have overcome an obstacle to formulate your love. Tell your story, take your sweetheart to a ball (dancing), to a feast (dinner), to visit the villagers (shopping), etc.


Getaway- A fantastic way to have a romantic Valentine’s Day is to have a getaway, even if it is a getaway in town. The idea is to get away from all the stress and responsibilities of your regular life, and just spend time together enjoying one another’s company, and focusing on the fun, and things you love in your relationship. This getaway can be a low cost getaway, or a costly one to a fun destination, etc.


Candlelight Dinners- Candlelit dinners are a romantic way to show your love. Start by setting the mood in the room. You can do this by setting a table with linen, china, glass, candlesticks, and the like. You will want to set champagne flutes, and other fineries. You may want to make a flower centerpiece. You will want to dim the lights, and turn on some mood music. You won’t want to light the candles until just before you eat, otherwise the wax will drip all over.


Intimate night in- For this romantic Valentine’s Day activity you will want to start by setting the mood, much like you do for a Candlelight dinner. Change the sheets on your bed, and set candles about the room, just make sure they are clear of draperies and are on a stable surface. You will want to prepare yourself, freshen up, and maybe purchase some fun toys, lotions, or lubes for an intimate night in.

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