What Should I Give My Husband for Valentine’s Day?

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Husbands can be difficult to buy for on Valentine’s Day because many women over think it, or want the gift to be so perfect, or so romantic that the pressure starts to overwhelm them. So, instead of feeling pressure, consider your husband, his interests, and what you love about him, then find gifts that embrace that.

 Here are a few examples of what you can give your husband on Valentine’s Day:

 Permission- Let’s face it, sometimes a husband needs permission from his wife to do certain things. For example, when he gets home from work, and wants to play video games to unwind, a wife my not be all that pleased. So, a great gift for Valentine’s Day would be the gift of whatever it is they want to do, but don’t because they would rather make you happy. If it is video games, then buy them the latest game, or a new controller, and let them know you expect them to use it, at least for a week or so. If it is golf, get them a new club, a golf shirt, or buy 18 rounds somewhere and set up a tee time for them.

 An Experience- Many adults will not buy things for themselves if money is tight, even if there is something they really want to do. So, make your Valentine’s Day perfect by giving your spouse the gift of an experience that they have wanted for a while. Most people have something they have talked about doing, somewhere they would like to go, etc. So, make that your gift for your husband for Valentine’s Day this year. Present them with tickets to go Sky Diving, and have the dates set so they can’t back out. Purchase a river-rafting trip. Give them front row seats to their favorite sports team, or at least as good a seats as your budget allows. Take them to that restaurant they have always wanted to try, but never dared splurge so much for. Give them an experience that they would not have otherwise. (Movies do not count, as they will probably go to a movie regardless).

 Attention- Sometimes the best gift you can give a husband for Valentine’s Day is some one on one time with you. So, if you have kids, find a sitter for the weekend. If you have a job that is demanding, take some time off. Whatever it is that is distracting you from giving your husband your full attention, find a solution to it for a few days, and either have a staycation, or do a mini-getaway together to reunite, and get back to the fun and love of your relationship. Be sure to include your favorite things to do and eat and see in this time, and make it about the two of you.

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