What Else Should I Give My Husband for Valentine’s Day?


Choosing Valentine’s Day gifts is frequently challenging, especially when you are buying a gift for someone you have shared several Valentine’s Days with. When selecting a gift for your husband on Valentine’s Day, consider the following.

 Home Made Gifts- Everyone appreciates a gift made from the heart, and given with love. If you are looking for the perfect gift for Valentine’ Day for your husband, consider making them something fun. This can be as normal as knitting them a sweater, or as creative as making them a quilt where you write in all of your favorite memories with them on the blocks. The possibilities are endless, but it is going to show some real love when you put your time, not just your money, into creating a gift for your spouse.

 Experience Gifts- Husbands are not going to want things like flowers, chocolates, and the like, but they will enjoy experience gifts. Tickets tend to be a big hit for husband gifts for Valentine’s Day. For example, get them tickets to a sporting event that they love. Get them tickets to fly out somewhere for a vacation you can share together. Give them an experience that you can share together, or that they can use to get out for a while and have a break from the pressures and trials of life. Consider who your husband is, and what kind of experience gift they would enjoy most. Would they love to go on a river-rafting trip? Or see a pro-sports team?

 Romantic Gifts-Husbands are going to appreciate a romantic gift, although they may not love it as much as a woman. For women, romance tends to be about the thoughtfulness, for men it often comes down to sex. So, light the candles, and put on the lingerie, and give them a romantic, intimate night in.

 Stuff He Likes- A Valentine’s Day gift does not have to be much different than any other gift, in that if you get something they like, they will love it. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a more romantic holiday, but if you wrap it in red paper, and give them a hug and kiss with it, it will be romantic enough. So, ask yourself what your husband likes, and what kinds of things he would enjoy getting as a gift? For example, would he like a video game? Would he like a piece of sporting equipment? You should know him better than you know anyone else, so figure out what would just make them happy. A first edition of their favorite book, an article of clothing that they will enjoy, a movie that they liked, a CD of music they enjoy, etc.

 Regardless of what you choose to give your husband for Valentine’s Day, just make sure they know that you put thought and effort into it, that you love them, and that you are looking forward to many more Valentine’s Days spent together.

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