What Does Your Valentine Bouquet Say To You?


There are many beautiful flowers that can be sent on Valentine’s Day. Flowers are one of the most popular and well loved gifts to give and receive on Valentine’s Day. However, if you want to make your floral Valentine truly special, you can use the language of flowers to let your love know what you are feeling. If you take the time to personally put together a floral Valentine, your recipient will be even more impressed with your heartfelt efforts. It is important to keep in mind however, that you should still consider personal preferences. If your special someone abhors a certain flower, then you shouldn’t include it even if it conveys the message you want to say.

 In addition, if you are going to the effort you may want to add a cad that explains the symbolism of each flower. This way your recipient can truly understand that meaning behind the flowers you send. This can be crucial since many flowers have several meanings and can vary widely from culture to culture. Here is what you need to know when asking the question- What is the meaning of Valentine Flowers?

  • Roses-This is the most commonly given flower on Valentine’s Day. Today, you can find roses in just about any color that you want. Red roses symbolize love and passion, while pink roses symbolize friendship and white roses denote a spiritual love. Yellow roses are given to symbolize friendship and cheerfulness.
  • Tulips-Because of the ability to ship flowers worldwide, you can find tulips during the Valentine’s Day season. This old but modern looking flower carries the same meaning as roses. Red tulips let your love know you are passionate about them while pink tulips show a developing love.
  • Orchids-This elegantly modern flower is the top choice of many women. Orchids symbolize a delicate beauty and are often given as sign of admiration. However, in China the orchid is the sign, for many children, so give this flower with care.
  • Forget me nots-This is another popular Valentine flower. The meaning speaks for itself as the giver wants the recipient to keep them in their thoughts.
  • Chrysanthemums-This flower means a steady love, however, the color variations can mean something slightly different. Yellow chrysanthemums can mean a secret admirer or a slighted love, so they should only be given with the most careful thought.
  • Larkspur and zinnias-These two spring flowers are often sent together on Valentine’s Day. Larkspur denotes laughter or a light spirit while zinnias mean lasting affection. This is especially true if you send magenta zinnias. All zinnias are the symbol of remembering absent friends.
  • Tiger lilies (Alstromeria) are symbols of prosperity and pride, and could represent a wish for success in life.
  • Iris is the flower for compliments, and can also specifically mean inspiration, or a meaningful friendship. If you send deeply colored irises it is usually a reflection of a long lasting love, since the Iris is associated with the 25th wedding anniversary.
  • Lilacs-This flower is usually given in a new relationship, since it symbolizes the innocence of a new love.
  • Anemones-This flower is sent to symbolize the anticipation of a potential new love.
  • Hyacinths-This stunning flower has also has different meanings, having to do with color. Blue hyacinths will show constancy and sincerity in love, while pink ones are sent for a playful love.
  • Gloxinias-This hard to find bloom is sent for love at first sight, perhaps symbolizing the rare nature of its meaning.
  • Daffodils-These flowers are sent to show a protective nature to the one that you love, though be sure to send a bunch since a single one means misfortune.


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