Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your One and Only

While going out for dinner and a movie is always nice, there are far more creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Best of all there are no limits as to how you can use your creativity to celebrate the day. It is important to keep in mind that huge and grand gestures are not necessary, sometimes it’s the smallest and most thought out things that mean the most. Whether you are making it fun for your family, want to make someone’s day, or let your special love know how you are feeling, here are creative ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day-

  • Sleep under the stars-Well, we don’t mean literally, since February 14th is rather chilly in most places. Instead you can buy some glow in the dark stars from a toy or craft store and arrange a special message above your bed. Just use the tacky plaster to stick them up.
  • Make your own coloring book-This is especially fun for kids. You start by drawing  several silly pictures of memorable experiences. If you need help for idea, then take out your photo album. Once you are done, outline them in black marker and then have the pages copied and bound on heavy paper at a copy shop. Make sure you give with a pack of crayons.
  • Add some romance to your computer-Surprise someone on their computer. You can change the screen saver to read a scrolling message. If you want to get extra fancy, then use a character font or wingding that has to be decoded, in order to be read.
  • Make sure breakfast really is the most important meal of the day-There is no rule that says Valentine’s Day only can be celebrated in the evening. Start the day out right for those that you love with heart shaped toast or pancakes. You may want to only make red and white food (with pink accents of course) and for a really fun surprise hide a bunch or prizes and a card, in your loved ones favorite cereal.
  • Love really does lift up-For a gift they will never forget, you can tie your card or gift on a three foot string and then tie it to the bottom of the automatic garage door. The will gift will magically arise to greet the recipient, when they arrive home and open the garage door.
  • Little things really do count-For an extra nice touch on Valentine’s Day, when your love is in the shower; slip their towel into the dryer. This way it will be nice and warm for them when they get out of the shower.
  • Have a picnic in February-Forget going to an overbooked and overhyped restaurant for Valentine’s Day. Set up a picnic in the living room, for the one you love. Move the furniture back, spread a blanket on the floor and stock the picnic basket with all their favorite foods. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace, be sure to start a fire for an added effect.
  • Leave a message they’ll never forget-You can use Rain-X Anti Fog(it keeps car windows from fogging up) and a cotton swab to write a Valentine’s message that will appear on the bathroom mirror, while you loved one is showering. Or for an alternative simply use an old tube of lipstick, to show your true feelings on Valentine’s Day.
  • Borrow from the kids-If the sidewalks are clear and the weather is mild, then borrow your kid’s sidewalk chalk to leave a Valentine’s Day message for your love. Just remember that because its outside everyone will stop to read it, to use common sense and an editing filter!




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