Ways to Creatively Celebrate Valentine’s Day

It seems that Valentine’s Day often arrives when it is the hardest to plan something creative and fun. The doldrums of February may have set in or your schedule may not allow for elaborate plans. Whatever the reason, the good news is that you don’t have to have a lot of time, money, or make a lot of effort to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a fun and creative way. While there is no denying that a night out on the town is lots of fun, Valentine’s Day often means crowds and disappointed expectations. In addition, you may be looking for ways to celebrate with your kids, family and even friends.  So before the next Valentine’s Day rolls around, take a look at these fun ways to creatively celebrate Valentine’s Day-

  • Start the day off right-Even if everyone is rushing off to school or work, you start Valentine’s Day with a heart shaped breakfast. You can find several molds for pancakes, or use a heart shaped cookie cutter for toast. You can top either with strawberries and cream to get the day off to yummy and heartfelt start.
  • Pop the Balloon-Kids of all ages love balloons. You can add candy surprises along with notes into balloons before you inflate them. Then you can use red and pink ribbon to tie them throughout the house, for your loved ones to find on Valentine’s Day morning.
  • A Valentine’s themed dinner-If dinner on Valentine’s night will be a family affair, there are lots of fun ways to include even the kids. Your children will love making red Jell-O in a heart mold, with cinnamon hearts thrown in. You can mash potatoes and use food coloring to turn them pink. You can use your heart shaped cookie cutter for a mold, for just about anything, or finish off the meal with heart shaped sugar cookies, frosting and candies, that lets everyone decorate their own.
  • Remember the best gifts cost next to nothing-While elaborate gifts can bring joy in the moment, its important to remember that the best gifts often are made of giving your time. If you can’t afford an expensive gift, then take a moment and decide what those closest to you would really want to get on Valentine’s Day. Coupon books that offer your services for babysitting, dog walking, doing regular household chores for someone else etc. can be meaningful and well appreciated. Another take on this type of gift is to create a coupon jar. You can fill the jar with things that you and your special someone would enjoy doing together. Then you take turns taking a coupon, from the jar and enjoying the surprise together!
  • A Valentine-themed scavenger hunt-Everyone likes to hunt for prizes. You can make one for your kids and one for your partner to enjoy. Start by making little Valentine messages that give a clue and express how you feel about the hunter or hunters. Then hide them around with a small treat. Depending on the age of those involved you can stay inside the house, go outside, or even involve other locations. At the last note give a clue where your loved ones can find a special something. For kids it can be a teddy bear, toy or other treat and for your special someone just use your imagination!
  • Make it a day with service-There are lots of places where Valentine’s Day goes uncelebrated. A visit to a local hospital or senior center can show your kids the meaning of showing love and affection for others. Many families report that after passing out Valentines and treats to those who otherwise wouldn’t get them, they decide to make it a family tradition.

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