Affordable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day


Sometimes celebrating Valentine’s Day means a pretty big price tag. However, if you want to let your special someone know what they mean to you, they are more affordable ways to make the day special. While flowers, chocolates and dining out can be a special evening, if your pocket book just can’t afford it, then there are just as special ways to mark the day. Keep in mind that once you venture off the traditional route of celebrating Valentine’s Day it will take some planning and creativity, but in the end you may find that you’re really having a lot more fun. Here are some affordable ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day-

  • Record the memories-The fun of Valentine’s Day can be greatly enhanced by showing just how far you’ve come. Putting together photos of the two of you (either in a group of frames or an album) can make for a memorable gift. Burning a CD of your favorite songs that you’ve listened to together or making a video of favorite places that you have been to as a couple, can all make for a special gift. Knowing that you value what the two of you share can make for a truly memorable Valentine’s Day gift.
  • Create a spa experience at home-More and more couples enjoy going to the spa together, but it can come with a hefty price. There is no need to venture out for that spa experience. Fill a basket with bath products, lotions, massage oils, facials and scrubs. Fill up the tub, light the candles and put on soothing music. Make sure that you have a basket with chilled water and fruit, just like at the spa. You can either have “the spa” for one person at a time, or share the experience together. Make sure that there are heated towels for drying off.
  • Have a Valentine’s movie marathon-Many busy couples lament the fact that going to movie has become a luxury, of not just money but time. Solve the problem by scheduling Valentine’s Day as a movie marathon. Today you can rent DVD’s for almost nothing. Stock up on your favorite drinks and snacks, and then spend the time together seeing all the movies you’ve missed in the past few months, or maybe even years. While every movie is fair game, be sure to include a few romantic movies, to keep with the holiday spirit.
  • Make it a day of surprises-You don’t need a lot of money to keep surprising your special someone. Start the day by making their favorite breakfast, follow up with favorite snacks, rent a favorite movie, or agree to watch a favorite TV show. Finally, make sure that you cook all their favorites for dinner. Valentine’s Day can really be all about them.
  • Learn something together-Sometimes all you need for a great celebration is to shake things up. Instead of your usual routine on Valentine’s Day, why not try something new. A dance lesson, a pottery class, or some other activity you want to try together, can be both a fun and affordable way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.
  • Scale back a little-If you still want to have some of the same things on Valentine’s Day, but can’t afford them, try scaling back. Take your sweetie out for appetizers and a drink, then back home, for a nice meal, or try going out to a local patisserie for dessert and drinks, after a home cooked meal. Flowers can purchased from big box stores and arranged yourself and you may even want to try your hand at making your own chocolate. With a little creativity  and planning you can make this Valentine’s Day the most special one ever.

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