Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun


Classroom Valentine Bulletin Boards

St Valentine's Day

If you have ever taught a class or if you have ever had to do anything in a classroom, you know how important the classroom is to the learning environment. When you were a kid you probably saw interesting things on the walls of your classroom. Classrooms that were well decorated interested you and the […]

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Romantic Valentine’s Day Crafts Women Can Make

Valentines Hearts

 Valentine’s Day is a day where you celebrate romance and love. There are some fun crafts you can make that are romantic and can be sued as great romantic gifts for your loved one. If you are married, here are a couple of romantic craft ideas: Sex dice: make your own sex dice. This can […]

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Easy Valentine’s Day Crafts You Can Do With Your Kids

Valentine Heart Craft

Valentine’s day is a great day where you get to celebrate love, and what better way to celebrate the love you have with your children then to create fun kid friendly, easy crafts? You want to do easy crafts so that you can enjoy the results without spending too much time or getting frustrated in […]

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Preschool Valentine’s Day Crafts For Gifts

Kids Valentine Gift

Preschoolers really enjoy the holidays and get really excited about giving and receiving gifts. One of the fun things you can do with a preschooler at Valentine’s Day is make a craft that they can give as a gift. This can be something simple like a picture or a card, or it can be something […]

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Preschool Coloring Crafts For Valentine’s Day


A great Valentine’s Day activity for a preschooler is a coloring craft. Preschoolers love to color, and they are learning to express their creativity, but do not yet have the skills or maturity to use glue, paint, etc. So, coloring crafts are the way to go. The following are some fun coloring craft ideas for […]

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Thumbprint Valentines

Valentine Finger Puppets

You will need: •Non-toxic stamp pad (red) •Note cards or paper •Crayon or marker Time: Project completed in Under 1 Hour Step One-Have your child press his or her index-finger into the ink pad. Then stamp a V-shaped heart on a note card or paper by joining the two finger prints at the bottoms. Step […]

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Butterfly Valentines

Butterfly Valentine

You will need: •Pencil •Scissors •Construction paper •Colored card stock •Old-fashioned candy stick, in a wrapper •Pipe cleaner •Color-coding sticker dots Time: Project completed in Under 1 Hour Step One- Cut out a butterfly template. Step two-You can then choose to print the template onto card stock, or cut out the template and have your […]

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Decorated Valentine’s Tree

Valentines Tree

This small decorated tree is a take on the tabletop Christmas tree. You can purchase trees for this craft at clearance prices after the Christmas holidays. Be sure to gather your family around to do this craft together. What you will need: Small tabletop treeSpray flocking in white or pinkAssorted Valentine’s candy (wrapped candy works […]

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Fast, Fun, Preschool Appropriate Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Little Boy Holding a Valentine

  For fast fun preschool appropriate craft ideas you need to think of things that do not require glue, cutting, paint, or anything that takes too much assistance. Preschoolers, while somewhat able require a lot of aid when using scissors, glue, and paint, and it can be more chaotic and messy than it is worth. […]

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Easy, Affordable Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Craft Heart

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday that everyone can enjoy no matter their budget or skill level. Whether you are a mother looking for something that will entertain the children or you are a teacher wondering what activities you can do on February 14th that won’t break the budget, here are some suggestions for easy […]

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