Easy, Affordable Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Easy, Affordable Valentine’s Day Craft Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a fun holiday that everyone can enjoy no matter their budget or skill level. Whether you are a mother looking for something that will entertain the children or you are a teacher wondering what activities you can …[Continue]

Candy Roses

Since candy and flowers are a surefire way to let someone know you’re sweet on them these pretty pink roses made from chocolate kisses will cover you on both scores. You can do a bunch of these in under an …[Continue]

Stained Glass Hearts

For a really romantic look try making these clever stained glass hearts. Adults will have to supervise this craft and do a little ironing but kids will love shaving the crayons. You can complete this craft in under an hour. …[Continue]

Valentine’s Day Decorations

Decorating for Valentine’s Day is a great way to celebrate the holiday. Decorating for the holiday can be done to set the mood for a romantic date, for a fun party, to help kids get excited for the day, etc. …[Continue]

Useful Valentine’ Day Crafts

Are you wondering what you will do with all of the crafts that you will be asked to make or forced to receive on Valentine’s Day? Not to be a Scrooge or anything, but it is a struggle for people, …[Continue]