Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun


Valentine Catch

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Valentine’s Day is a lot of fun and fun is the name of this cute, fast paced game. Use your mouse to move and catch as many hearts as you can before time runs out. But beware of the blue bags…stay away from them as they go over you bag and make the hearts bounce […]

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Valentine’s Day Dress Up

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Give this pretty girl a great makeover and then dress her up.  Start with a great new ‘do in a really pretty hue.  Give her pretty eyes and light them up with gorgeous color.  Lush lashes make her eyes pop.  Shape her brows, give her cheeks a bit of color and her lips, too. Finally […]

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Valentine’s Kissing

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These 2 cute couples are hanging out in the park, trying to steal kisses.  Help them by clicking on them but don’t let people catch you or the game’s over!  Have a great time with Valentine’s Kissing!

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Sweet Valentine’s Day Puzzle

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If you love puzzles and Valentine’s Day, you’ll love this cute puzzle series.  There are 6 puzzles for your sweet puzzle playing pleasure. Put each one together to reveal a lovely picture and move on to the next fun puzzle.  Have a delight time putting together this Sweet Valentine’s Day Puzzle!

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Princess Tale

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Help save the princess from her tower! She’s being held hostage and she needs a daring prince to save her. Climb up the side of her tower using the vines. Avoid crows, frogs, and other enemies. Use your mouse to move from vine to vine, freeze crows, kill frogs, and more. Get as high as […]

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Find My Valentine

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Help Henry find the love of his life! He has been searching everywhere and could use some help. Search the streets with him and avoid traffic! Collect every heart to unlock the big heart. Henry has 3 lives, and will lose a life every time he gets hit by a car! Don’t let him get […]

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Valentine’s Day Coloring Book

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Color these two loving swans using the colors given at the bottom. You can use any color you like! Use your paintbrush and click the part of the picture you’d like to color. Once you’ve finished coloring, print your picture out and save it for Valentine’s Day! These swans love Valentine’s Day and they’d love […]

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Valentine’s Day Memory Game

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day with this challenging, love-themed memory game! Flip over the tiles to find all of the identical heart pairs as fast as you can. Keep trying until you get your best time! If you love Valentine’s Day and memory challenges, this is the game for you!

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Make a Valentine’s Day miracle come true by mending all the broken hearts! Hearts will appear on the conveyor belt and you must piece them together in the spaces above to fix them all. Each heart only needs two pieces. Be careful, if you put the wrong pieces together or let the pieces fall into […]

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Save Your Valentine

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It’s that time of year again….a time of love and gestures of love. In this fun game, the idea is to save your Valentine.  How do you do this?  Avoid the devil hearts.  Use your mouse to move your heart…the longer you can avoid the hearts with horns, the better as your games ends if […]

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