Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun


Stick Men Hate Valentine’s Day

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Falling hearts!  Oh my! Oh my! Stick men don’t like running around and dodging random hearts.  You can help this stick man out. Use your mouse to help him dodge the falling hearts for 2 minutes and you win out.  If he gets hit by a heart, the game’s over! If you love a challenge, […]

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Monster in Love

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This monster’s in love and it’s your job to catch the hearts and keep your monster love happy. Can you do it?  10 stages of monster fun.  Click on your monster once to move him up then again to move him to capture hearts.  You get skills and options as you win your way through […]

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Heart Matcher

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Clear all the colorful hearts off the board before it’s too late! Use your bow & arrow to shoot hearts into other hearts of the same color. Work quickly and clear all of the hearts as fast as you can! As you go on, more and more hearts will fill the screen. If the hearts […]

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Hidden Conversation Hearts

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Give your sweetheart some sweet conversation candies! Before you can give them to him, you’ll have to find them all! Find each hidden heart candy in the scene. When you’ve found them all, the round will be over! You must find them quickly, you only have a certain amount of time to find them all. […]

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Cupids Archery Range

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Help Cupid practice for Valentine’s Day. He’s planning to make many people fall in love on this wonderful day, and he need to practice his aim! Use your arrow keys to direct him into the hearts and bonus points. Try to hit every heart you see! You must finish each level before time runs out. […]

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Wooden Heart Jigsaw

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If you love a challenge and a great puzzle, you’ll love this jigsaw puzzle.  Piece together the edges first or maybe pieces with similar colors. Whether your a border person, a color person or a cluster person, as long as you’re a puzzle person you’ll have great fun.  Put it all together and enjoy your […]

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The Lost Bride

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Your job is simple. Sort of.  You must get the bride to the church…but wait, there’s more!  You have a path…but as soon as you click on the man to move him to the bride, the path disappears…you must know where you’re going or you’ll get into trouble.  Walking through grass, into rivers or off […]

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Valentine Day Hearts Search 2

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Your sweetheart left you surprises around the house for Valentine’s Day! Find each surprise by looking through each of the room. There are hearts, flowers, and even a key to find! To find out what the key leads to, you must find it yourself! This sweet Valentine’s game is fun for everyone, give it a […]

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valentines day memory

Valentine’s Day Memory Game

Test your skills with this Valentine’s Day twist on the classic memory game.

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Valentine’s Dinner Date Dress Up

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This lovely girl is going on a special date with her darling.  It’s Valentine’s Day which demands a lovely new ‘do, a gorgeous gown or an amazing outfit and some fab footwear.  A great bag, beautiful jewelry, pretty eyes and kissable lips. She’s done and ready for her close up.  Have a delicious time playing […]

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