Digital Valentine’s Day Cards

Digital Valentine’s Day Cards

Instead of getting a Valentine’s Day card this year, send a digital Valentine’s Day card to the people you love. The digital Valentine’s Day cards are unique because you not only can add sound to them, you can upload a …[Continue]

Conversation Hearts

Conversation Hearts

You will need: •Scissors •Craft foam •Permanent markers •Pipe cleaner •Pencil Time: Project completed in Under 1 Hour Step One- Cut a variety of 1- to 2-inch hearts from craft foam. Using a permanent marker, print a short message on …[Continue]

Ace Hearts Valentine

Kids will especially be delighted with this Valentine’s take on playing cards. Best of all this card is both inexpensive and easy to make and can be made in under one hour. What you will need: Materials for 1 Pencil …[Continue]

Stained Glass Valentine

Be advised here that adult supervision is needed to make this Valentine. You will need: •Crayons (light and bright colors work best) •Handheld pencil sharpener •Waxed paper •Large paper grocery bags •Ironing board and iron •Scissors •Permanent marker Time: Project …[Continue]

Bee My Valentine Muffin Flower Card

One of the really fun things to do on Valentine’s Day is delivering the cards that tell your true feelings. And it can be even more fun if you have taken the time to make your own homemade Valentines. Rather …[Continue]

Kid Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards

Making and giving cards is a Valentine’s Day tradition that children and adults both get to participate in. For children, the giving of cards often happens in the classroom. Many schools support classroom parties where each child brings a card …[Continue]

Playing Card Valentines

If you are looking to add some fun and creativity to this Valentines Day the answer may be in making your own homemade Valentines. If you are worried that you don’t have the creativity or the time rest assured that …[Continue]