Valentine's Day Fun

Valentine's Day Fun

How to Write a Love Poem

Writing a Love Sonnet: A Crash Course

Romantic Writing

Writing someone you love and admire a romantic love sonnet is a meaningful gesture, something just about anyone would appreciate. Before you get out a pen and paper, it is important to know the basics of writing a love sonnet. Let’s talk about penning a perfect sonnet: Form and Structure There are two general types […]

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Write a Love Poem: The Basics

Love Notes

Writing a love poem for your special someone is a romantic gesture as well as a creative way to express your deepest, most genuine feelings. You need not be an English scholar or literary genius to write a poem. On the contrary, anyone can learn how to write a love poem by following some basic […]

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How to Write a Love Sonnet

Write a Love Sonnet

  What better way to share your feelings regarding your significant other than with a romantic love sonnet? Armed with a very basic knowledge of the sonnet, anyone can learn how to write one. William Shakespeare made the sonnet famous, so famous that the most common form of sonnet is known as the Shakespearean sonnet. […]

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Tips for Writing a Meaningful and Unique Love Poem


Most people like to dabble in poetry when they are in love, as it is a creative way to express oneself and one’s feelings toward another. Fortunately, anyone can learn how to write a meaningful, unique love poem. As your goal is to write a poem that reflects the sincerity of your emotions, it is […]

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Love Sonnets 101

Love Poems

While writing a love sonnet may seem a little complicated at first, once you understand the basic structure and rules for sonnets, you will be ready to write your first sonnet. Here is a quick overview of love sonnets, Love Sonnets 101, if you will, that will help you get on the right track to […]

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Steps for Writing a Love Poem

Writing Love Poems

Anyone can write a love poem for someone they love, whether they’ve only known the person for a few days or they’ve been with their love for many years. A love poem is a romantic gesture that just about anyone will enjoy and appreciate. Below, writing a love poem, step-by-step: Step #1 – Write a […]

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Why and How to Write a Love Sonnet


While anyone can write a love sonnet, many people are either afraid to try, intimidated by the seemingly complex style, too lazy or simply uncomfortable expressing their feelings in writing. However, armed with a basic understanding of why and how to write a sonnet, anyone can give the one they love their own personal poem […]

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Writing Love Poems Made Easy

Write a Love Poem

Writing love poems need not be complicated. Even novice poets can write something that their loved one will not only enjoy, but will treasure and appreciate. Here are a few tools and guidelines which may make writing love poems easier. Subject Matters Do you want the main focus of your poem to be some aspect […]

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Writing Love Sonnets Made Easy

Love Letters with a Rose

Writing a love sonnet is an art and an act of love; indeed, it is a craft that has been practiced and perfected for centuries by many a famous poet. However, you don’t need to be William Shakespeare to pen a beautiful sonnet for the special someone in your life. By considering your subject, getting […]

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